5 Common Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Making money with blogs is not possible without traffic. If there are not people that are visiting your blog you can't make any money from advertisements or affiliate links. And if there is no promotion then your blog will have no traffic.

Promoting your blog is as important as writing and publishing quality content. Among many ways to promote your blog one of the greatest sources of traffic are social media websites. Many businesses and bloggers are using social media very successfully to generate leads and traffic to their websites. There are many things you can do to make most of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg and others, but there are also some mistakes that you must avoid. The most common mistakes that bloggers make when promoting their blogs on social media are:

  1. Not having a social media strategy. Just as in anything else success requires planning and commitment. You must decide what you want to achieve with social media and how to achieve it. It can be a certain amount of money you want to make, number of followers, visitors to your blog from social media etc. You also must dedicate certain amount of time every time every day for your social media campaigns, work hard and have patience because results will come over night or after a week or two.

  2. Buying likes and followers. Having many likes and followers on social media is one of the ways to measure the success of social media campaign. There are websites where you can buy likes and buy followers and boost your numbers on social media. Although this way you will see the number of likes of followers increase this is not even remotely like having real and genuine likes and followers. Focus instead on providing value that will connect you with people who are really interesting in the content of your blog.

  3. Not posting enough. People become your followers because they are interested in what you are blogging about. Part of your social media strategy must be to post regularly because they expect posts from you on a regular basis.

  4. Posting too much. Posting to little but also opposite can also be mistake. People follow you because they like what you are blogging about and what you have to say has some value to them. But posting about anything can be a bit overwhelming because not everything you have to say is interesting to your followers. When you post something first you need to do is ask yourself does it brings some value or you are posting just for the sake of posting something.

  5. Not engaging your audience. Your followers expect some kind of responsiveness from you. Try to answer their comments and questions, including the negative ones. That way you can build friendship and trust.