6 Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are probably millions of blogs on internet and thousands of new are started each day. There are many reasons why blogs are created. They can be created with a purpose  to connect with people with similar interests, spread ideas online, have fun writing about things you like or simply to make money with a blog by monetizing it with advertisements or selling products.

Despite the large number of blogs that are started each day, many blogs are also discontinued by their owners when they don’t become successful. A measure for a success of a blog is the number of visitors that it gets on regular basis. If there are no visitors their owners can make money so they stop running their blogs.

There are a number of blogging mistakes that can contribute to drop in traffic and popularity of a blog. If you own a blog and noticed that your blog is getting less traffic here are some mistakes you might be making and a word of advice how to avoid them:

Mistake 1: Publishing blog posts with low quality. Many people that come to your blog come with a purpose to find content that has some value to them. They are looking for useful advice that may help them solve some problem they have or that is interesting and fun to read. If you do not post content that contains useful information, that is too short and too boring is a sure fire way to keep your visitors to come back to your blog. If you think on copying content from other blogs and article directories for publishing on your blog, you should be aware that that will hurt the rankings of your blog an decrease the number of visitors.

To avoid the mistake of publishing blog posts with poor quality you can learn how to write your own high quality  content,  or you can hire freelance writers to write blog post you can publish on your blog. There are many websites online where you can hire experienced writers who can write content for you for a fee.

Mistake 2 : Not posting often enough. Another thing that is important for successful blog is to post content on regular basis. People who visit your blog expect to find new posts that they can read. If they come several times and in succession they don’t find something new to read they will stop  visiting to your blog. On the other hand if you post frequently and they always find new and interesting content posted regularly then they will become regular readers and even recommend your blog to their friends which will drive even more traffic to your blog.

Because of this make sure you post new content regularly. When your blog is new you should more frequently like 1 or 2 blog posts per day, later on when you blog is older and more established you can post  new content less frequently.

Mistake 3: Not researching keywords. Search engines are one of the major sources of traffic for all blogs. To drive more traffic to your blog from search engines bloggers must write content using words and phrases that are used by people to search engines. If your blog posts are  keyword optimized than your webpages will rank high in the search engines results for those keywords and you can expect get many visitors from search engines. Because of this is important to write content for both people and search engines by optimizing it for relevant keywords.

There are many keyword research tools bloggers can use to find the best keywords they can use in their content. Some of this are paid while other keyword tools are free. One of the best keyword tolls is Google Keyword Planner and is free to use.

Mistake 4: Not using categories and tags. One of the mistakes that many new bloggers make is not grouping their blog posts in categories and tags. By grouping your posts in categories and tags you make your blog much more user friendly for the visitors because categories and tags make it easier for them to navigate your blog and find the information they need. If your blog is not easy to navigate can turn people from visiting your blog again in the future and that may decrease the traffic and growth of your blog.

Mistake 5: Not using the power of social media to promote your blog. Social media are one of the most important source of traffic for blogs. Many new bloggers are making the mistake of not using social media to reach their target audience by increasing the exposure of their content. If used properly social media can be your greatest source of traffic and reach tons of regular readers. To use the power of social media to promote your blog you can start by joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others. Another thing bloggers must do is place social sharing buttons on their blogs. If you use Wordpress as your blogging platform you can find lots of social sharing plugins, many of them free to download you can install and use to enable your readers to easily share your content with their friends. Bloggers also need to be active on social networks by setting aside time for social networking each day to  connect with their target audience

Mistake 6: To many advertisements on your blog. One of the greatest mistakes many bloggers make is placing too much advertisements on heir blogs. Their blogs have more area occupied by ads than the area of the main content. While it’s nothing wrong with making money with your blog and monetizing your hard work, placing too much ads can be repulsive to readers if they see that advertisements take more area than the content and they will leave your blog and never come back. Also, more ads does not necessary mean more revenue. Instead of placing more ads bloggers should experiment and see which advertising method is most  lucrative to them and stick to it. If Adsense is used as monetization method than use of proper keyword can bring both more visitors as well as more earning per click.