6 Tips To Get More Returning Visitors To Your Blog

There are millions and millions of blogs online started with purpose of promoting certain causes, making money online or just to have fun and share ideas and opinions with the rest of the world.

Out of millions of blogs on internet vast majority do not succeed in their owners intentions of becoming popular and never get large number of visitors. As we know getting large number of visitors is the most important for making money with a blog. If there are no visitors to our blog you can’t   monetize it with advertisements and affiliate links.

There are two kinds of visitors you can get. There are first time visitors and returning visitors. First time visitors come to your blog via search engines, social media, other blogs etc. You can get firs time visitors by optimizing your blog for search engines and promoting your blog with social media, guest posting, commenting and other blogs and forums etc.

The challenge is to turn those first time visitors in regular readers. Returning readers can be a great portion of all the traffic on your blog. Here are some tips how to make your blog more popular:

  1. Create useful content. The most important thing for popularity of a blog is the content. Visitors that come to your site expect to find original content that will have some value for them. Finding information that will help them solve problems is a reason why people use internet in the first place. Aside from being useful and informative your content needs to be original. People and search engines don’t like content that you have copied from somewhere else on internet. The visitors who come to your blog like to see your own view on things and fresh information, not something that they have already seen someplace else and very likely avoid your blog in the future. Search engines also dislike duplicate content. If you post duplicate content on your blog you will see your rankings drop. If you want to get visitors from search engines write original posts and optimize them for search engines using keywords.

  2. Be consistent. Another thing that will help your blog become popular and get returning visitors is consistency. When returning visitors get to your blog they will expect to find something new to read that will interest them. If they don’t find anything new for a while they will stop visiting your blog.

  3. Start guest posting on other popular blogs from your niche. Many blogs accept guest posting. By being a guest blogger on older established blogs from your niche you will help your blog be noticed by your target audience. People that visit blogs from same niche will be also interested in visiting your blog, and  if they like your content they will become regular readers of your blog. This way even former readers may also rediscover your blog and start visiting it frequently. Another benefit of guest posting is that you can get many backlinks to your blog and get many first time visitors with the potential of some  of them returning to your blog in the future.

  4. Join blog communities. Another way to get more returning visitors to your blog is to join one or more blog communities. There are many blog communities you can join, but not all of them are equally good for promoting your blog. Blog communities are useful to get visitors to your blog but only if you re ready to contribute soothing of a value to the other members. By providing value to the community you can establish yourself as an expert and get many regular visitors to your blog.

  5. The design of your site. The design of your website is another thing that can contribute to visitors coming back or leaving and never visit your blog again. Things like too much ads on your blog can be intrusive and people don’t like going to blog where ads are most of the content on the webpage. On the other hand easy navigating and providing links to all your pages on the home page can contribute to good visitors experience which will convince your readers to visit your blog in the future.

  6. Place social bookmarking and subscribe buttons on your blog. Many people use social bookmarking websites to save links to websites they like so they can visit them later. You can make this very easy for your visitors if you place social bookmarking buttons of the most popular social bookmarking websites on your blog. In addition to getting returning visitors you can also get new readers because these bookmarks can be seen by other members who can click them and visit your blog. Your visitors can also subscribe to your RSS feed with the click of a button if you place RS subscribe button on your blog.