7 Free Keyword Research Tools

The most important thin for writing blog content that is optimized for search engines is finding the right keywords and create content that is optimized for those keywords. Finding the best keywords and see what your competition is doing is possible with many search engine optimization tools that are available.

The problem with this keyword and SEO tools is that many of them cost money, but there are many free keyword tools   you can use for keyword analysis. Some of this tools are free and all you need to do is navigate to their website and start using it to research keywords, while other may require that you open a free account to be able to use them.

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool  is keyword tool that is best known of all keyword tools and is free to use. Google keyword toll is excellent tool to use to get new keyword ideas using results from Google search network which is world largest and most used search engine. To use this great and free tool all you need to do is enter the word or phrase and you will get monthly global and local searches for the word or phrase and the number of searches for similar words and phrases.

  2. Wordtracker free keywords suggestion tool   is another great and free keyword suggestion tool bloggers and website owners can use to find keywords they can use in their content. To use keyword tool from Wordtracker is free but you will need to open an account for free. Wortracker keyword suggestion tool can show daily searches and create a list of 100 similar keywords.

  3. SEO Book keyword suggestion tool   is another free keyword tool you can use which uses cross reference for Wordtracker, Google and other keyword tools.  SEO book keyword tool is free to use but you will be required to open an account for free and log in every time you wish to use it.

  4. Good Keywords  is free software that can be downloaded for free and used to manage your keywords from Google keyword tool.

  5. Trellian keyword discovery   is free tool that collects and compiles data from many search engines in order to provide accurate cross section. This free tool can generate 100 top keywords from a seed keyword.

  6. Promedia free Google Suggest keyword tool  gives you local autocomplete rank and number of search for word or phrase.

  7. Ubersuggest allows you to enter  term in the box by adding a letter and extracting suggestions for keywords you can use. You can also get further suggestions by clicking on one of those terms.

Keyword’s are critical for creating a quality content that will help in optimizing your blog content and helping your blog rank high in the search engines and bring many visitors. These free keyword tools are great for finding keywords but when writing content do not use the keywords too many times since that can work against you and search engines can penalize your for spamming.