7 Tips How Bloggers Can Use Social Media For Blog Promotion

There are millions of people today using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this social media are excellent way to promote your blog and reach your target audience. Many people that would be interested in visiting your blog can be found on social media and they can be turned into your loyal readers. Its nothing new in using social media to promote blogs and business websites. Social media like Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn are used by many successful bloggers to promote their blogs and drive traffic. More traffic to your blog in the end means making more money with your blog.

Social media has great potential and can bring visitors to your blog from all over the world.  If you know how to make best use of the power of social media effectively you will increase the number of regular readers of your blog and drive constant flow of traffic.

To successfully drive traffic to your blog using social media you must promote your blog posts aggresivelly. You must know how to find your target audience on Facebook or Twitter and convince them to visit your blog, read the posts and comment on them. If your content is useful and brings some value to them they will be coming to your blog regularly which will result in more traffic and more earnings for you.

Here are some tips on how to use social media for promoting your blog:

  1. Create a profile on social media sites. To start using social media  to promote your blog you can start by opening an account, something you can do very easy. Since the purpose of using  social media is promoting and driving traffic to your blog when opening your account include address of your blog in your profile.

  2. Promote every single blog post you write using social media. Every blog post you ever publish is an asset you can use to drive more traffic to your blog. Because of this you should promote your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Google + , Delicious, StumbleUpon and other important social media you are member of to increase the exposure and drive more traffic to your blog.

  3. Dedicate more attention to writing interesting and compelling headline for your social media posts. The title of your links is the first thing that gets noticed. Well written title is the first thing that gets noticed by other members of social media websites.  When writing title for the links  on social media most bloggers simply write the title of the blog posts. This is not wrong but if you want to drive traffic to your blog from social media than you should increase your efforts in writing title for your links that will capture the interest of your target audience and compel them to click on your links and come visit your blog. When writing the title of your links thinks about your target audience, what are their interests and expectations and what words may convince them to click on your links and come to your blog.

  4.  Make time every day for posting on social media. Sites  like Facebook and Twitter are great place to promote your blog and bring more visitors. To successfully promote your blog using social media you must make sure your blog is present at least on some of the social media like  Facebook and Twitter which are the most important and have more members than others.  If you want drive traffic to your blog you must post regularly on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is not only when you publish new post but also make time in between and try to post every day. By posting regularly online presence of your blog will increase and as a result more visitors will come to your blog.

  5. Hold a contest on social media websites. One of the best ways to draw attention and make people come to your blog using social media is by giving away something for free or holding some king of contest. Giving prizes works because people rarely refuse something that is free. You can give a free report of offer some service to the winners using social media like Facebook or Twitter. You can start a contest by posting about the prize you are giving away and ask those who want to participate to share, retweet your  blog posts or follow your blog. This is one of the best ways to get many new followers. Offer special discount to your followers. Similar to giving away free stuff you can increase the number of people who are following you on the social media if you offer some kind of discount to them. This is very useful if you are using your blog to promote your products. You can offer $20 discount of 10% off to increase the number of your followers.

  6. Make your blog posts easy to share. A great way to drive more traffic to your blog is by making your blog posts easy to share. Visitors come to your blog to read your posts. If they like your content and find it useful they may want to share it with their friends who may also find it interesting. People may be members of more than one social mediawebsite and they will want to share your content on more than one of them. You can make this easy by placing icons from various social media sharing websites on your blog. If you use Wordpress platform for your blog you can make the sharing of your content very easy. There are many plugins available to you that you can install and make sharing your content with their friends and following your blog by visitors very easy.

  7.  Connect with other people. There are millions of people who use social media every day. You can use Facebook, Twitter or similar sites to connect with people who have similar interests and exchange ideas. This way you can drive traffic to your blog by talking to them, like their Facebook pages, retweet their blog posts and in turn they will do the same for your by sharing your blog posts and bringing even more visitors to your blog.

If your blog does not have any traffic you can’t start making money. Blog monetization is only possible if there are people that come to your blog, and social media are one of the best ways to drive traffic. Because of this learning how to use the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be one of the most important skills bloggers can have.