Adsense Ad Sizes With Highest CTR

Placing Adsense ads on their website or blog is the preferred  method for making money online  for many blog and website owners. Many choose Google Adsense because it has many advantages over other ad networks:

  1. Large number of advertisers. Google has advertisers from all over the world and from many categories. Regardless of where your visitor come from and the niche of your blog or website, Adsense has ads for any blog as long as the content of the blog is not against their terms and policies.

  2.  Easy to create and customize ad units. Publishers can choose size color of text, borders and line, background  to make the Adsense ads better  fit in the design of the website,

  3.  Good earning per click.  A single click on an ad can earn as much as several dollars for the blog and website owners, which is highest in the industry.

Inserting Adsense ad code in your blog is easy and does not require any special technical knowledge. Once you do that few minutes later ads will start displaying and you will earn money every time visitors click on them.  However not all blogs and websites earn same amount of money from Adsense. One of the most important things that influence how much money someone earns from his website is the click through rate or CTR.

A website or a blog can have thousands of visitors a day and if none of them clicks on ads the earnings will be zero. On the other hand if a website or a blog has few visitors every day but most of them click on ads the amount of earnings on the end of the month can be very good. One of the things that influence CTR is the choice of ad sizes. Every blog is a different and story for it self about what ad sizes are best for it but certain ad size usually perform better than others. Here is a list of the ad sizes with best CTR:

  1. 728 x 90 Leaderboard is one of the most profitable Adsense ad sizes. He best place where you can insert Leaderboard ad on your blog or website is on top of your page near the logo. You can place this ad right under your logo or right of your logo. If your logo is too large think about shrinking it a bit to make room for Leaderboard ad. 728 x 90 Leaderboard might be a good option for all sites where there is enough room for it, like for instance forum websites. You can set to be displayed only text, only image banner or both text and image ads. Acording to some website owners most profitable are image ads whle others say most profitable are text ads. The best way to tell is to experiment a bit and see which is best for your blog.

  2. 468 x 90 Banner is also Adsense ad size that is good earner and has nice CPC. Think about inserting this ad size on your website or blog as an  alternative if there is not enough room for Leaderboard banner.

  3. 160 x 600 Large Skyscraper is also a ad size with good earning potential. You can choose to display both image and text ads, only image ads or both image and text ads. Large skyscraper can be placed in the sidebar. Most ads for this ad size are image ads and if you allow both ext and image ads, most of them will be image ads. 120 x 600 is smaller ad size you can use instead of large skyscraper.

  4. 336 x 280 ad size or Large Rectangle as it is called according to some website and blog owners is the ad size that is most profitable. You can choose to display image, text or both text and image ads.  The best positions for this ad size is sidebar if your sidebar is wide enough or inside the blog post. The best positions for inside blog post is right under the headline, in the middle or at the end of the blog post. You can also choose a smaller size 300 x 250 instead of large rectangle.

  5. Adsense link units. You can also choose to insert link units on you website or blog. There area number of advantages and disadvantages of using link units. There are several ad sizes both horizontal and vertical you can use to monetize your blog that can display 4 or 3 links. The main advantage of link units is that they occupy less space on your site.  The links that will be displayed will be related to the interests of your visitors which may result in higher CTR.  Visitors may click on a link unit and then after that come to a landing page where there will be sponsored ads displayed and if they click on them you will earn money. The downside of link units is that it takes two clicks to earn money but if there are relevant ads on landing pages that match the interests of your visitors, in the end may result in better CTR and earnings than other ad sizes.

Which ad sizes are best for my blog?

You are probably asking which ad sizes will have best CTR on your site. The truth is no one can know for sure because every website or blog is story of it’s own. The best way to find the best ad sizes for a certain blog or website is to experiment with different ad sizes and layout. Use one layout for one week and another layout the next week until you find the one that is most profitable for your blog or website.