Build Empire And Make Money!

Adsense is great opportunity for webmasters to make money from their sites. But there are a few webmasters that make more than $500 daily from Adsense.

There are seven simple tips to start building own Adsense website and own Adsense Empire.
1. Find high paying keywords. If you want make thousands of dollars from Adsense, you must maximize your revenue from every click.
2. Find quality keyword related content. Create it, buy it or aggregate it from other sites RSS feds. If you have no content, you have no ads on your site. And if you have no ads, you have no money!
3. Drive quality traffic to your Adsense site. Learn SEO and traffic building. The more traffic is on you site, the more money you make from Adsense.
4. Adsense blocks have to look like part of your sites. Change color schemes. If Adsense block looks as an alien from Mars, click throw ratio is small.
5. Use Large Rectangle. I know that you have the option to picking different format. But this format works the best.
6. Place Adsense blocks in your content. Adsense is content related ads. Place it in content you increase click throw ratio.
7. Build own Adsense Empire. When one your site makes some money to you, build another one.
8. Use RSS power. Build sites with aggregated content from other sites RSS feeds.Follow these tips, if you build content websites. For blogs you have to consider that successful blog is needed in unique content.
If you want to start own webblog, do not follow tips number 7 and 8. Focus on building one blog only!Remember these tips are not hard rules that you have to follow. Experiment and track your results. If one tip don’t work for you do not use it. I know that you will find your own rules and build own Adsense cash machine.