Guide For Making Money With Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many people today making money online. When it comes to making money online there are many ways to do it. There are different online money making opportunities requiring different skills to start earning. Although some may claim there is easy way to make money online and even make a real fortune over night the fact is making any significant amount of money is not easy and requires experience, knowledge, and most of all hard work.

There are people that make part time or full time income online writing articles ,  designing logos and websites, working on Amazon Mechanical Turk and promoting affiliate products. One of the legitimate ways to make money online is writing content. Freelance writers earn money by writing content for clients or publishing articles on revenue sharing websites.  Freelance writers can find clients on freelance jobs marketplace or content mills. When writing for revenue sharing article directories they can write about anything they like and once their articles are published they can be earning percentage of the advertising revenue for years to come. An alternative to writing for revenue sharing websites is creating your own blog and monetize the traffic.

Although there are many online money making opportunities for freelance writers that is not easy to do. Writing for money requires writing for both people and search engines.  The content must be optimized for certain keywords to rank high and also be informative and provide readers with useful information.

When writing for revenue sharing websites and publishing your articles on you own blog writing  is just one step. The next step, also very important is to increase the exposure of your articles to drive traffic because the amount of traffic you will drive to your blog is proportional to make you will make from your articles.

There are many methods tom promote your article. One of the best one is using social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites are sites where users can bookmark linksto websites for future use. This way when someone clicks on links to your content they will come to your blog. Unlike Favorites button in the web browser users can access their bookmarks from any computer in the world.

Some social bookmarking sites aside from building backlinks to your blog and driving traffic have a benefit of earning some money just like revenue sharing articles directories. This way writers can double their earning by adding revenue sharing social bookmarking websites to drive traffic to their content on revenue sharing article directories. They will earn percentage of advertising from their bookmarks on social bookmarking websites and percentage of advertising revenue from their articles posted on revenue sharing article directories.

How to make money with revenue sharing social bookmarking websites?

Revenue sharing social bookmarking websites reward their users with percentage of the revenue  share generated by bookmarks that they submitted. To be able to make money users will need an Google AdSense account. The percentage that users can earn can be more than 50% to 100%. There are two steps to start making money:

  1. Open an account with revenue sharing social bookmarking websites. There are a number a websites where you can become a user and start making money from your bookmarks. To join is free and all you need to become a member is a valid email address.

  2. Create bookmarks. Once you become a member you need to start bookmarking  your content. You can create links to your blog posts or the content you posted on websites like Infobarrel, Hubpages or Expertscolumn. This way you will drive more traffic to your articles and make more money from them as well as earn money when other users view your bookmarks.

  3. Get paid. User get paid by Google AdSense, because of this you will need an AdSense account. User earn money every time someone clicks on the ads.

List of revenue sharing social bookmarking websites?

Making money online with revenue sharing websites is great because you can monetize your time online doing what you something that you usually do, surfing websites and saving those you like so that you can come back later.

  1. Karmalynx is one of the best revenue sharing bookmarking website. You can use Karmalynx to create backlinks to your articles and make money when other view your links. To start making money from your bookmarks you should add your Adsense publisher id and you can start earning 80% share of the revenue.  To create bookmarks you need to add links to your articles and write short description. You can also submit articles and include links in the article body to drive more traffic to your articlesand make more money. Karmalynx allows you to add links and submit articles to many categories available to help other users find your articles.

  2. RedGage s another great revenue sharing bookmarking website and an easy way to make extra money online. You can bookmark your articles to drive traffic to them and also make money from your bookmark.  RedGage make money by posting advertisements and user are paid based on the number of views of their bookmarks so you don’t need an AdSense account. In addition to bookmarks user can also upload photos, blog posts and videos and make money every time someone views them.

  3. Xomba is a revenue sharing websites where users can post bookmarks, articles and earn percentage  of the advertising revenue. You can bookmark anything you want like your article that you posted on other revenue sharing websites, videos, posts on your blog. Bookmarks are called xomblurbs and to create a bookmark you will need to add link to your articles and write a 100+ words description and earn 60% share of the AdSense revenue.