How To Add Adsense Ads To Your Wordpress Blog

Many website owners and bloggers use various methods to monetize their sites. Out of many ways to make money with a blog probably the most popular is Google Adsense. AdSense is a pay per click ad network owned by Google that helps blog owners to start making money by displaying ads on their blogs. Blog owners make money when visitors click on the ads on the blog.

The reasons why Google AdSense is the the preferred method for blog monetization by many bog and website owners are many. Its easy to integrate in the website, it has large number of advertisers and ads for every niche excluding those that are against their terms. No matter what the niche of your blog is, and your blog is not agains Google terms and policies, Adsense will have ads that your visitors will be interested in which will increase the CTR and your earnings. Publishers can also earn more per click with Adsense than with other networks because of the large number of advertisers and strong competition on certain keywords.

To start making money with their website blog owners need to insert a code in their code and Adsense ads will begin to show every time a visitor comes to your blog. Whenever visitors click on an ad blog owners make money.

Step by step guide How to place Adsense ads on your blog.

There are  a number of steps you need to take before you start making money online with Adsense ads:

  1. Open a Google Adsense account if you don’t have one. Before you start using Adsense ads to monetize your blog you will need to open an Adsense account. To open account is free and you can use the same username and password you use for other Google services like Gmail. After you submit your application it will be reviewed and in few days if your application is in order you can become Adsense publisher. For our application to be approved it must meet certain requirements.  When you open your account check Google Adsense terms and policies. If you are not compliant with Google Adsense  terms and policies you risk to  have your account banned.

  2. Log in your account and create your ads.  When your Adsense application is approved you can log in to our Adsense account and build the advertisement you want. To design new ad you need to go to “my ads” and then click “+New ad unit”. Next step will be choosing the size of your new ad unit. There are large number of sizes to choose from. What size of ad will you choose depends on where on your blog you will  place your ad. If you are going to place it in the sidebar than you can choose 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 300 x 250 ads. If you will place your ads above the main content than you can choose 728 x 90 also called leaderboard. If you wish to place ads within the text than you can choose large rectangle 336 x 280 or banner 468 x 90. You can customize even further your ad unit by choosing the background, text color, borders, link color to make your ads better fit into the design of your blog. It’s generally better to choose the same colors for your ads as the color of the blog to blend them and increase the CTR and your earnings. After you are finished with creating your new ad click “Save and get code” after which you can code the code generated for your new ad.

  3. Insert the code in your blog. After you get the code for you new Adsense ad unit you need to insert it in your Wordpress blog to start making money from advertisements. First log in to your Wordpress  account and go to Appearance, then Widgets. To insert the Adsense code for your new add click and drag a text widget to the spot on your webpage where you want ads to appear and paste the code of your new ad. Then all you have to do is click “save” and in about 10 or 15 minutes you will see Adsense ads when you refresh your wordpress blog.

Use plugins to place Adsense ads on your Wordpress blog.

One of the great advantages of Wordpress as a blogging platform is the easy customizability of your blog by using various plugins. There are plugins that can help with anything including easily adding Adsense ads in your blog. Using plugins makes inserting Adsense ads or ads  from other networks very easy even for people who don’t have much knowledge about programming and web development. Here are some of the best plugnins you can use to insert Adsense ads in your blog:

  1. Quick Adsense   – is another plugin that will help you to insert adsense or other advertisement in your wordpress blog. You can add and save up to 10 codes and choose where you want them to show in your posts, beginning, middle or end of posts and also randomize how your ads are displayed.

  2. Ad Injection plugin can help you insert Adsense and any other ad code ( Amazon AssociatesChitika) in your blog posts. You can choose how many ads will be shown in a single post depending on the length as well as where your ads will be displayed in the blog post( top, bottom, middle and random). You can also limit who will see the adverts based on the IP address and referrer.

  3. Ad  Rotate -   is a great plugins you can use to add Adsense or other ads in your Wordpress blog.  You can add advertising code in the dashboard and choose the way you want to be shown on your blog. You can also tie certain ads to different areas of the world. There is also a paid version of this plugin that offers even more options.

  4. Google Adsense plugin allows blog owners to insert Google Adsense ads on their blogs and customize their size color of the element of the ad and position of the ad in the website.

  5. Simple Ads Manager   helps blog owner insert ads on their blogs. Allows HTML, javascript and PHP and blocking of certain ads on certain webpages/posts, statistic of clicks and revenue and other features.

  6. Ads by  helps you add advertisements in posts, , webpages and widgets, including as well embedding ads in template. Adsense, links, banners, and other types of ads are supported. You can also set the number of impressions any ad should receive before is removed. The date from and the to which certain ads should be displayed and more.

These are some of the large number of plugins for Wordpress you can use to monetize your Wordpress blog with Adsense ads. Many of them work with other ad networks and many of these plugins are free to download and use. If you did not find a plugin that meets you demands you can try another one that is not listed here and you can find on website.