How To Add Images To Wordpress Blog Posts

There is an old saying that and image speaks thousand words. This can also apply to blogs because sometimes is having an image helps to better explain the subject of the blog post or sometimes to simply make the blog post more attractive.

To add images to your Wordpress blog you have two options: you can purchase images and place them on your blog or you can use free images. Generally speaking professional high quality images are not free and they are worth buying if you are looking for a high quality image for your blog. But that does not mean that the free images are of poor quality, because if you search online you will find many free high quality images. If you want to add images to your blog without costing you anything there are many places online where you can find free images. However always check the website from where you will download images for your blog about their terms of use.

Once you find image that you want to add to your blog post here is a step by step guide how to add it to your blog post:

Download the image to your computer. You can download the image by clicking a download button or right clicking on the image and then click “save image as…”, and choose the location where you want to save the image so it may be easy for you to find it later.Upload your image to the media library of your Wordpress blog.

All media files need to be uploaded in the media library before you can use them in your blog posts. To upload images you need to click "Media" and then click "Add new". Select the image you want to add to your media library. Now the image will be present in your media library and you can insert it in one or more posts in your Wordpress blog.

Insert the image in your blog post. Inserting images in your blog post is easy. You can add images from your media library of you can upload files. To add images from media library click place the cursor in the place where you want to insert the image and click Add Media, then select Media library. Click the image you want to insert in the blog post. If the image you want to insert is not in the media library you should click "Upload Files" and find the image you want to upload.

You can also write title, caption, alternative text and description and choose how you want the image to be displayed. You can choose  alignment (right, left, center, none), size (thumbnail, medium, large, full size). Once you choose the image settings you are satisfied with all that is left is to click the “Insert into post”. You can see how your blog post looks like by clicking “Preview” button. If you are not satisfied with how you image looks like you can always change the settings by clicking on “Edit image button” on the image.