How To Find Paid Forum Posting Jobs

Making money online with paid forum posting is one of the easiest ways to earn working at home sitting in front of a computer.  Forums are one the best places online that people visit frequently and share ideas, comments and opinions about various topics. Because of this there are many who are prepared to pay for posting on forums. There are many places online those who are interested in making money posting on forums can find jobs. Some of the places to look for forum posting jobs are:

Freelance Marketplace Websites

Some of the places to find jobs is by going on freelance websites and search for forum posting jobs and place your bid. There are thousands of new projects posted daily and forum posting jobs are just a fraction of all the freelance jobs available there. The best 3 freelance marketplace websites to join are:

  • Odesk – is one of the best websites to find freelance jobs for individuals of any skills and experience. To join is free and you should create your profile and list your skills. After you create a free account t search for forum posting jobs.

  •    – is another great website which has thousands of jobs listed at all time.  To join is also free and you can find many  forum posting jobs on Freelancer

  •  Elance -  is another popular freelance jobs marketplace with millions of members from all over the world where are many jobs available at all time. To join is also free and you can search for forum posting jobs and start bidding.

Forum Posting Jobs Websites

Unlike freelance jobs marketplace which are general and have jobs listed from many categories like writing, graphic design, web design and other, there are also websites that are dedicated to forum posting jobs you can join and start making money online.These  websites generally accept members from all countries and aside from forum posting jobs they may also include job listing for blog comment writing jobs, recommendation writing and review writing jobs.

  1. Content Current – is another great website for finding forum posting jobs. Content current was formerly known as Forum Booster. There are also many other online money making opportunities for freelance writers like SEO article writing blog post and articles writing that combined with article writing services can help freelance writers earn decent amount of money

  2. Post On My Forum – is website where you can make money by writing forum posts, discussions, reviews. Registration is free.

  3. Postloop – is place where you can create quality content and get paid for it. To start working you will need a good knowledge of English language and grammar as well as writing proofreading. You will need to write sample posts before you get approved and once you are a member you will earn good rates by post.

  4.  ExtraDime – is another great place to earn extra money by writing forum posts. ExtraDime pays 50 cents when you register and pays $0.50 for every new member that you refer. You can expect to earn somewhere between 10 and 20 cents per post which is very good rate.

  5. MyLot – was also paying to it's members but now their earnings program is discontinued.

  6. PostGold - allows you to make money by posting on forums and blogs. The minimum payment for post is 5 cents and you can receive payment in your PayPal account once you make minimum $5.

  7. Payperpostforum  -  pays people who like to post messages on forums or write articles and reviews. The earning are $0.05 per post and minimum amount to request payment is $5. You can receive your payment through Paypal or Payza (Alertpay).