How To Make Money Online With Wikinut

All that is necessary for freelance writers to earn money today is a computer connected to internet. Online they can find many money making opportunities. One of them is a website called Wikinut.

Wikinut is a website that among other things, pays contributors for publishing articles on their website. Writers get paid on per view basis which means the more visitors their articles get more money they will earn.Anyone from anywhere in the world can join Wikinut, publish content and collect royalties for months and even years to come.

To start publishing and Wikinut and making money is easy and doesn’t cost anything because it’s completely free.Firs step is to visit their website  and click on ‘’ Join Wikinut now’’. After that you will be taken to the sign up page where you will need to provide your username, display name, choose a password as well as valid email address.

After you complete the sign up you will receive a confirmation email in the email account you provided. You will need to click this link to verify your email and once you do that you are a member of Wikinut. As you see the sign up process is very easy and simple.

Before you start publishing on Wikinut you should also complete your profile and list other websites where you have published your work because Wikinut may reject to publish your articles if you have already published them somewhere else.

There are three ways to make money with Wikinut. The first one is to publish articles and receive payment based on  the number of views. Wikinut monetizes webpages with advertisements and they are giving a share of their revenue to their contributors. Having published many pages is good for both Wikinut and you. More pages, more views and as a result more money for both you and them.

To publish your article go to your dashboard and click on ‘’write new page’’.  Choose category and subcategory, click on ‘’create new page’’ and start writing your article. Your article will be reviewed and if approved will go live and you will start earning money based on the number of pageviews.

The second way to make money with Wikinut is to invite your friends. When you sign up Wikinut will give you your own unique personal link. When people click on this link and join Wikinut they will become your referrals and you will earn 10 percent of all the revenue that they generate.

Third way to earn money with wikinut is to review articles submited by other members. There are certain guidelines that articles must meet  as well as having proper grammar and spelling before they are published on Wikinut. As a reviewer you will be earning 5 percent of the revenue generated by the article.

Wikinut can be good addition to many other revenue sharing websites that are used by freelance writers to make money online. Wikinut can be good place to publish articles that clients are not interested in and earn money passively in the long run for free and without investment.

* this post contains affiliate links