How To Use StumbleUpon To Promote Your Blog And Get More Visitors

Social networks are one of the best traffic sources for blogs available. Blogger can get lots of visitors to their blog if they know how to do it properly.

There are a number of social networks bloggers can join and use to get more visitors to their blogs. One of the best of them is called StumbleUpon. Some blog owners say that StumbleUpon sends  even more traffic to their blogs  than Facebook. Because of this if you are a blog owner you should consider adding StumbleUpon in the list of tools you use to get visitors to your blog.

If you plan to use StumbleUpon to promote you blog and drive traffic there are number of thing you should know about running a successful StumbleUpon campaign:

  1. Open an account. To open an account on StumbleUpon is easy and free. User can create only one account because creating multiple accounts is against the Terms  of service and if you open more than one account you will get banned from using StumbleUpon.

  1. Complete your profile. First step is to create yourprofile on StumbleUpon. Your profile is a very important because that way you can help other users find you and determine if they should connect with you. Your profile should have a nice image and a list of your interests.

  1. Install the StumbleUpon toolbar. StumbleUpon toolbar will enable you to share links with a click of a mouse. There is a toolbar available for many different web browsers.

  1. Add StumbleUpon button to your blog. If you add StumbleUpon button on your blog you will increase the number of visitors by helping your readers in stumbling your content easily by clicking on it.

  1. Start submitting content. Once you have an account you should start submitting content. However, you are not the only one who submits content, so if you wish your links to have attention and stand out from the rest you should use your writing skills to compose eye catching title and description as well as research keywords you can use in the description to help other members find your articles.

  1. Don’t submit only your content. One of the mistakes user make on StumbleUpon is submitting only their content. This can make them look like spammers and blatant self promotion. If you want to be successful you should submit content from other sources also that other users may find it interesting and useful.

  1. Submit only quality content. The best way to establish your reputation on StumbleUpon is to share only quality content that will bring some value to the community. Don’t submit content for the sake of submitting but do so only with content that is useful, interesting and other members may find some value in it.

  1. Connect with other members.  An important part of StumbleUpon success is building a community of followers. You can find other members with similar interest like yours, connect with them and start sharing content. If you share content from other members you can expect they will return in kind and share your content.

  2. Consider paying for StumbleUpon traffic. StumbleUpon membership is free and anyone can join and use it to drive traffic to their website or blog. However there is a paid option called StumbleUpon paid discovery, which user can use to have their links featured for a price. This way in exchange for money they can boost the traffic coming to their site.