Importance Of Off Page Search Engine Optimization

The most important thing for making money with a blog is the number of visitors that come to the blog. Search engine optimization is very important for  blogs and websites to rank high in search engines and bring visitors. There is on page and off page SEO. On page SEO involves techniques in creating your web content and optimizing it with proper keyword to rank high in search engines and off page SEO is the actions you take out of your own website or blog to help them rank high and bring more visitors.

Off page search engine optimization involves building links on other websites or blogs to link back to the homepage or individual pages on your blog or website.  The more links that link back to your blog you make the better because the number of links help your blog rank better in search engines and bring more visitors. Link building on other blogs and websites is what we mean when we say off page SEO and building large number of quality backlinks can boost your blog rankings.

Why is link building important?

Link building is very important because it can increase the page rank of a blog or a website. The number of links linking back to a blog as well as the quality of the websites where those links are found is  an important factor that search engines use to determine the ranking of a blog or it’s individual pages.

The number of links pointing to a website determines how that website ranks in search engines because search engines constantly crawl the internet and find links that are pointing to the website. The number of links can be considered votes for the relevancy of a website. If there are for example 10 links pointing to a web page than we can consider that webpage has 10 votes. The more links there are the more relevant search engines consider that web page and that helps the web page ranks better in search engines. However, not all backlinks are of same quality because Google places more importance on authority websites and  building links on certain websites called link farms can even have your site penalized by search engines instead of improving their rank.

The most important thing for quality backlinks is the page rank of the site and are those links follow or no-follow.Page rank is the authority or the website. Google assigns page rank of 0 to 10. New websites or blogs that are just started have page rank 0 and older websites and blogs that are established and have certain authority can have high page rank of 6, 7 or 8. When building backlinks to your blog you should create them on blogs and websites with high page rank.  You can use this free online tool to determine the page rank of websites.

Another important thing for link building is to build backlinks on websites that have follow links.  If the websites have a no-follow links than there is no reputation passed down on your website or blog. Because of this you should build backlinks to your blog on website that have follow links to boost your page rank.