Making Money Online Being ChaCha Guide

One of the legitimate ways to start making money online without investment is by becoming a guide on ChaCha. You can start making money once you become a guide by answering questions from people who send them through text messages.

How to become guide on ChaCha?

To start earning with ChaCha you firs must become a guide.  The are different  roles of guides on  ChaCha: transcriber, expeditor, generalist, and specialist. Each and every role has it’s duties and thy may change over time. To become guide follow this simple steps:

  1. Go to ChaCha Website and click open account.

  2. Submit your application by filling out your details.

  3.  Complete a W-9 tax form

  4. Watch introductory video

  5. After you submit your application you need to wait for answer from ChaCha which will take a few days.

  6. Start your training. To become a guide you must answer 10 question which are called training questions. This is the most part of your application and you should put maximum efforts in answering these questions correctly, because if you fail your application will not be accepted and you will not become a guide, which means you can start making money online with ChaCha.

  7. If your application is accepted and you become guide on ChaCha all you need to do is log in to your account and start to make money by answering questions.

How much money can you working on ChaCha?

Your duty as a guide is to answer questions posted by people. Good thing is that you don’t have a regular working hours but you can work anytime you like during weekends and holidays, and work as much as you like a hour or several hours a day. How much money you will earn depends on the number of questions you can answer. You can expect to earn somewhere between $0.10 - $0.20 per every question you answer. However pay is different for every guide roles because questions answered by generalists and specialists usually take longer to answer than the  questions answered by transcribers and expeditors. In addition to regular payments there are also bonuses that can increase earning. Guides can receive a bonus for working on weekends and holidays, answering a number of questions  in a certain period of time or having 100% accurate answers.

Guides can receive their payment through PayPal and ChaCha account card. Minimum payment amount is $150. If answering questions and helping people is something that you think can do then becoming a guide on ChaCha may be the best online money making option for you. If you are interested check out the Chacha website for available roles and submit your application. Once you are accepted you can start to make money in your free time.