Making Money Online Writing For Zujava

A legitimate way for freelance writers and other people who want to start making money online from home and without investment are revenue sharing websites. With revenue sharing websites anyone can make money  by writing and publishing articles or creating other kind of content. There are many good revenue sharing websites you can join. Some of the best are InfobarrelSquidooHubPages and Expertsolumn. Another good revenue sharing website is Zujava.

Zujava is a revenue sharing website which rewards the contributor, people who write original article with a percent of revenue generated by the article they wrote. The process of making money with Zujava starts with opening an account, something you can do going to their site and clicking on “Join”. You will need to enter your desired username and valid email address, after which an email wit further instructions will emailed to you.

After you join you will have to go through their Petting Zu program. Petting Zu is a program all new members must pass to ensure quality control. To pass through the Petting Zu programs members must write 3 articles, or as they are called on Zujava “leaf” to be reviewed. If your articles pass their review you can start writing and publishing articles and making money.

To start writing article you should login to your Zujava  account and click on “create leaf”. After that you will need to write a title and tags for you leaf.  You can write articles on any topics you like: art, business, science, technology, music, video games, movie etc. People from all over the world are welcome to write about anything they are passionate about and make money, but they are must follow certain guidelines and content policy and don’t publish spam for the sake of publishing or building backlinks.

There is no limit on how many articles or “leafs” an author can write and publish, members can write as many and as little as they want on any topic they are passionate about or have something to share with the rest of the world.

How much money will someone earn from Zujava depends on the number of people that will see his articles. Simply put more traffic more earnings for the writer. To maximize their  earning authors should write about popular topics, research keywords to use in their articles and drive traffic to them.

Contributor can earn by placing advertisements and affiliate links on their leaf’s. Unlike other revenue sharing websites where contributors also need to open separate accounts on with ad networks and affiliate programs, with Zujava you can place advertisement on your leaf and be paid directly by Zujava through Paypal. Members can also earn by referring other members on Zujava.