Making Money With Free DevHub Blog

Creating and running a blog is a legitimate online money making opportunity. Creating a blog today is relatively easy thanks to many blogging platforms that are easy to use even for people without significant technical knowledge.  To create a blog today is also cheap and will cost about  $10 for domain name and few dollars every month for host, but there are also websites where someone can create one of more blogs completely free  and start making money  with them. The best known free blogging platform is Blogger, but there are also other websites where you can create a blog for free. One of the best known free blog platform is DevHub.

How to create free blog on DevHub?

To get started with  is completely free and very easy.  Firs you should navigate to their site and click on sign up  button. After that you will have to choose what type of website you wish to create. You can choose a small business website or a blog. To create a money making blog select blog site.  After that you will just need a blog name, the topic of your blog and write description of your blog.

There are many templates for your blog available to choose from, but if none of them is what you are looking for, then you can create your own template.That’s it, now you can start building your blog which is easy and you don’t need any knowledge about HTML.

After you blog on DevHub is ready you can start  creating content and writing articles. Creating content for your blog on DevHub is very easy. There are many content modules you can insert and later modify. You can insert text, videos images, additional pages, HTML code and money making modules with a click of a button. You can optimize  your small business site or blog or search engines  by entering title, meta description and meta keywords.

How to start making money with your DevHub blog?

Making money with a blog is possible and there are many bloggers around the world monetizing their blogs using one or more many ways  to do it. DevHub offer many ways to start making money with a blog. To monetize your DevHub blog all you need to do is click on a ways to make money module and place an advertisement on your blog and start making money.  You can place text advertisements and promote products from Clickbank, Amazon and other companies. You can get paid by check or PayPal once you have at least $25 on you account.

If you are  new to blogging and you are interested in making money online with your own blog, then DevHub is excellent option for creating your first blog. DevHub is one of the best free blogging platforms on internet that allows their members to start making money with their blogs and makes the whole process from creating a blog to monetizing it very easy.