10 Tips For Off Page SEO

There is not a way to make a money with a blog unless that blog has decent traffic. One of the best sources for blog traffic are search engines. To drive traffic from search engines and start making money, blogs need to be optimized for search engines. This is so called search engine optimization or SEO. There are on page and off page search engine optimization.

Off page search engine optimization involves building links that point back to your blog. The links pointing to a website or a blog are important in determining it’s page rank and how well do they rank in search engines. The more backlinks from relevant websites the higher it’s page rank and more visitors. There are many techniques for off page SEO that blog owners can build  backlinks to the website or blog. Some of them are:

  1. Submit your blog to search engines.  One of the best way to build backlinks is submitting their blog to search engines. If your website or blog is not submitted to search engines than it will not be indexed and  people who are using search engines can find it. The top search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo, they are the ones where you must submit your blog. Once you submit your blog wait for a few days before your site is indexed.

  2. Write and submit article to articles directories. Another way to build backlinks and  increase the page rank of your blog is by writing and submitting articles to article directories. When you submit article you will be allowed to place a link pointing to your blog in the article body or in the resource box. There are many article directories where you can submit your article, some of the best are: Ezinearticles, ArticleBase, Goarticles and others.

  3. Forum posting. Forums are excellent place where you can create baclinks and share your ideas with other people. When you post a reply or start a thread most forums allow their members to include a signature in their post. You can place links to your blog in your signature and every time you write post there will be backlink to your blog along with it.

  4. Social bookmarking websites. Sites like Digg, Pinterest, Bookmark4you, Delicious are a great way to build backlinks to webpages on your blog. When you make a new post you can bookmark it and share it with other members. This way you will not only build backlinks but drive traffic to your blog by sharing links.

  5. Submit your blog to blog directories. Submit your blog to blog directories like ??Technorati, DMOZ, Yahoo directory to create backlinks to your blog.

  6. Use social networking sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus are great for building backlinks and bringing traffic to your blog. You can create backlinks by commenting, creating fan page, Tweeting etc. and drive visitors to your blog.

  7. Exchange links with other blog owners. Do build backlinks to your blog you can exchange links with other blog owners. You will place a backlink to their blog on your blog and they will do the same by linking to your blog from their blog.

  8. Create and upload  videos. You can create videos and share it with the rest of the world this way you can drive lots of traffic to your blog if you create interesting and original videos.

  9. Share photos. Similar to video sharing you can bring many visitors to your blog and create backlinks by creating interesting photos and share them on photo sharing websites like Flickr.

  10. Comment on other blogs. One of the most popular way to build backlinks to increase your page rank and drive traffic to your blog is by commenting on other blogs. You can find many blogs online you can comment on by simple search.

These are most popular ways to build backlinks to your blog. When building backlinks you should do it on websites and blogs with high page rank and do-follow links, and stay away from link farms because building links on link farms backfire and can do damage instead of boosting your page rank.  You should work on link building every day and don’t create many backlinks in a single day because search engines may consider you a spammer and penalize you.