How To Tell Scams From Legitimate Freelance Jobs

Working on freelance jobs and making a living without having a boss to answer to is a dream job for many people from students to professional with years of experience.

There are many ways freelancers can find freelance jobs online. They use one or more ways to establish communication with potential clients. Many freelancer join freelance jobs marketplaces and bid on projects posted by employers. Others use social media to promote their freelancing online business. Some on the other hand create blogs with a purpose to drive targeted visitors to which they can promote their services.

There are many legitimate freelance jobs available at all times. However there are also many con artists trying to cheat freelancers by not paying them for their hard work. The part of the freelancing business is knowing how to tell scams from legitimate business. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  1. Requesting payment. One of the best ways to tell scams is when the company asks you to pay a fee to be able to start working for them. If something like this happens chances are the company is a scam. The best advice you can have in situation like this  is never to pay to find a freelance job.

  2. Requesting free original sample.  One of the more common ways freelancers gey scammed is when the potential employer requests for free original sample. It’s nothing unusual to ask for sample of past work but if the company asks for free original sample you will probably not see them again. Similar scam to this one is when the company asks you to complete a  number of jobs for a very low pay offering to hire you for more higher paying jobs in the future. Once they receive the completed jobs dirt cheap you won’t hear from them again.

  3. The client is  not honest about the requirement of work. In the job description clients give a description of the work that is not properly described and once you accept the work it suddenly get more extensive and time consuming than it was previously stated.

  4. Client saying he is not satisfied. When you work on a freelance job you accept to do it before a set deadline and according to the employers requirements. However once you finish it and you sure you did all that the client demanded he is not satisfied. This can happen because of three things: you made a mistake, the client is too perfectionist or he is simply trying to make you work for free.

  5. Fake contests. There are many legitimate contest online for logo design or flyer design or something else, but there are also scam contest. You can tell a scam if it’s required from you to sign away your intellectual right s when entering the contests. Most likely they will keep your completed project for themselves.

Making money online working on freelance jobs is possible and there are at all times many  open opportunities  for everyone that are interested in earning extra income online. However just like in many areas there are many con artists trying to exploit the freelancers without paying them for their hard work. If you are interested to make money online this way always take due diligence and  before accepting a job.