9 Tips For On Page Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog

No one can make decent money with a blog unless he has a large number of visitors coming to regularly. The best way to drive traffic targeted traffic to a blog are search engines. Because of this is very important to do a proper search engine optimization of your blog. On Page search engine optimization for a blog is a very  important part of SEO. To create a successful money making blog is not easy task because your blog needs to be optimized for both search engines and people.

The process of search engine optimization begins with on page SEO and then when you have quality website with SEO optimized content you should start with off page search engine optimization.  The on page SEO is critical because you need to make your website for both search engines and people visiting your website. Search engines look primarily for keywords in the content of your blog. People  use search engine to find information they need. The content on your blog must provide useful information to the visitors that will help them find answers to some question  and help them solve problems that they have.

The challenge for every blogger is how to create informative and useful content with sufficient keyword density  and create a blog that will meet the demands of   visitors and search engines.

Tips how to do  on page SEO

  1. Create original content. If you want your blog to rank high you must write original content. You can’t just copy articles from other sites or article directories and paste on your blog. Both people and search engines like original content.

  2. Create informative and useful content. You should create not only original but informative and useful content. Remember that people come to your blog to search for information that may have some use to them. Don’t write for the sake of writing but do a proper research and write useful blog posts.

  3. Optimize title and description. Optimizing title and description of your pages is an important part of on page SEO. You should include keywords in your title and description. Every page should have it’s own title which will be descriptive and tell search engines what the page is about.   The description should be kept less than 160 characters  because that the number most search engines use for description

  4. Optimize Url of the pages on your blog. Url of the pages is also important part of on page SEO. A good url will look something like this: www.yourblog.com/the-title-of-your-page

  5. Always insert text in your posts. Bloggers can publish any kind of content on their blog: articles, images or videos. However even when publishing images or videos you should publish also a text that will describe the content of videos. When inserting images you should also use descriptive names instead of name like picture1 or image2

  6. Apply proper formatting of your post.  Write short blog paragraphs containing 3 or 4 sentences at most. Avoid writing large blocks of text.

  7. Create sitemap of your blog. Having a sitemap of your blog can help search engines to better crawl your website. If your blog is build on a Wordpress platform there are many plugins you can use to generate sitemap for your blog.

  8. Group pages into categories. It is recommended that pages in the blog are grouped in to categories because that helps both visitors and search engines to find what the are looking for.

  9. Link to other posts in your blog. Internal linking is very important part of on page SEO. Search engines will follow links on your pages and  go to the pages you ar linking to. With links going from one page to another on your blog you will also help keep visitors longer on your blog.