Freelance Writers Guide For Making Money With GrabaWriter

There are many people today that are trying to find ways to make money online. Internet today offers earning opportunities for anyone that want to make use of their talent, hard work and extra time they have available and make extra money. Freelance writers are no exception.

When it comes to making money online, freelance writers have many options available to them.  Many freelance writers join freelance websites like Odesk, Freelancer, Elance, Guru and others to monetize their love and passion.  Freelance jobs marketplaces are websites where employers post their writing projects with description of the requirements and guidelines that freelance writers must follow and writers bid on them. If the employer select them they have a deadline in which they must finish the job and get paid.

Other online money making opportunity for free lance writers are content mills. Just like freelance jobs websites they are free to join, and once you are a member you can log in and choose the titles you want to write about. The titles of the articles that are needed to be written are posted by employers and  once they are finished they are submitted for review. If the customers accept the work, the writer is paid accordingly.

Many writers as well as other people who love to write and make money online also join revenue sharing websites or create their own blogs. Blogs and revenue sharing websites make their money from advertisements, unlike freelance marketplaces and content mills where writers are payed upfront, their articles are source of passive income for years as long as they are online. The difference between making money with a blog and revenue sharing websites is that you get to keep all the money from your blog while with revenue sharing websites the revenue is split between the writers and the site.  On the other hand with revenue sharing websites all you need to do is write and publish article while with blogs there is more involved with running a blog and not just writing. Unlike content mills and freelance websites both blogs and revenue sharing websites let writers choose what they want to write about.

If you are a writer looking for way to monetize your talent and start making money doing something you love and  neither of these options is attractive to you you can try a new website called GrabAWriter.

Writing for money on GrabAWriter

If you are a  freelance writer and you  want to start making money writing on GrabAWriter you should go their website and click register.  Fill out the form by entering a username, a password, valid email address and choosing your account type. You can open a client or a writer account.

Choose writer account if you wish to offer you writing services to thousands of clients that use GrabaWriter for order written content.  If on the other hand you wish to purchase articles from many writers available here you should open a client account.

After you open your account you should complete your writer  profile. Your profile includes personal  information like Name, age, gender, your country of residence and job.

Next you need to set your price per 100 words. You can set any price your want like $1 for 100 words. If you set your price $1 for 100 words that for every 500 words article you will be paid $5 and for 1000 words article you will earn $10. Daily capacity also can be entered. Daily capacity is how much words or articles you can write a day. If you can write 5000 words every day and your rate is $1 for 100 words than you can expect to earn $50. You can also enter turn around time in hours.

To complete your profile you must choose 5 skills from a number of skills like academic writing, article writing, article rewriting, forum posting, blog writing, product descriptions, SEO writing and other skills. Then comes choosing 5 niches from a number of niches available that you want to write about. You can choose  beauty and fashion, business and finance, environment,  technology and gadgets etc.

Creating your writers profile on GrabAWriter is very important because more complete your profile is your chances of being hired  are greater.When you complete your profile then potential clients can find you on GrabAWriter and contact you with their offer. They will give the details of the project and it’s up to  you to accept it or  refuse it. If you accept it thaen ou will complete the job and submit your writing to be reviewed by the client. Your client can accept your work or request revisions until he is completely satisfied with your work. Your client will also provide feedback on your work which will

After you work is completed and accepted by your client you will get paid and receive feedback from your client. You can be paid by PayPal or Western Union. GrabAWriter keeps 10% project fee.

The advantages of writing for GrabaWriter

  1. Set your own rate. On GrabaWriter there is no single price for all writers. Content mills have unique rate for all writers and they are paid according to  their level and the length of the article. Here you can set your own rate and be paid as much as you think you are worth.

  2. There is no bidding. When working for freelance websites you can be involved in bidding wars with other freelance writers. Here you can avoid that because clients can browse through writers profiles, pick the one they wish to hire and contact them with their offer.

  3. Write what you want to write about. You can select 5 skills and 5 niches from a number of choices available when you create your profile. The client will choose the writer he wants to hire after he looks in is profile and see if the writer has the necessary skills to meet his demands.

  4. Anybody can become writer on GrabaWriter. GrabaWriter accepts freelance writers from all over the world and has two payments methods available Paypal and Western Union  which writers can use to withdraw their earnings at any time.

If you are a freelance writer than you should consider joining GrabaWriter. GrabaWriter is excellent alternative to usual places where freelance writers can find writing gigs like freelance websites and content mills, but it has it’s advantages. Here you don’t have to bid for projects and get involved in bidding wars like you do on Freelance jobs marketplaces like Odesk or Elance. Clients love GrabaWrite because they get to choose which writer will they hire to complete their project, as opposed to content mills where anyone can work on projects that they post.