12 Best Plugins For Wordpress Blog

When it comes to making money online, one way that is both profitable and fun is blogging. People  create blogs and write on any topic they like and monetize their blog using several methods. Creating a blog today is very easy thanks to many blogging platforms that make it possible even for people without any significant technical knowledge to start  blog with a few clicks.

One of the best blogging platforms is Wordpress. What makes Wordpress so  great is because is very customizable by downloading and installing many plugins. There are hundreds of Wordpress plugins available for download. With so many plugins available new bloggers who want to use Wordpress are confused about which plugins to install for their new blog. Here are some of the best plugins newbies can download and install:

  1. All in One SEO Pack  No blog can be successful and start making money fpor their owners without traffic. The best way to drive traffic is by optimizing the blog for search engines. This plugin is great help in SEO of blog.

  2. Google XML Sitemaps  Sitemap of a blog is very important for search engines to better index your blog. This plugin will create sitemap of your blog.

  3. Sociable   is a social bookmarking plugin that will enable sharing of your blog post using social networks and drive more traffic. There are over million blogs that are using this plugin.

  4. FD Feedburner Plugin. This plugin redirects the RSS feed of your posts and RSS feed of comments on your blog to Feedburner. Is easy to use and is available in many languages.

  5. CommentLuv  One of the best thing about blogs is that your visitors can comment on you posts. CommentLuv encourages your visitors to post on your blog by allowing them to place a link to individual posts on their blog every time the leave their comment.

  6. Get Recent Comments  plugin helps you display the recent comments on your blog in the sidebar. This will help visitors see what others are commenting on your posts.

  7. Top Commentators Widget  plugin can place top commentators on your blog in a sidebar. This way you can highlight top commentators and encourage others to comment more.

  8. Askimet  having people commenting on your blog posts is great, however there are lot of spammers online. Askimet helps you get rid of spam by running the comments on your blog through their system and filters out the spam.

  9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin  will display a number of related posts from your blog on the bottom of every posts. When a visitor finish reading your post he will have a list of related posts to read and that way stay more on your blog.

  10. Google Analytics for Wordpress  is a plugin that will help you track your blog pageviews, views per category and/or author and outbound clicks.

  11. Contact Form 7  This plugin will help your blog readers to contact you by adding a contact form on your blog.

  12. Photo Dropper  will help you add pictures to your blog by giving you access to millions of free and premium photos with a few clicks

These are only some of the hundreds of plugins available for Wordpress you can download and install. If some of this plugins is not what you were looking for you can search for alternatives and find plugins you can use instead of the plugins mentioned above.