Guide To Making Money Online With Infobarrel

There are many ways for freelance writers to start making money online. One of the best ways is creating a source of passive income by writing articles  and publishing them on revenue sharing websites. Writing content for this kind of websites is one of the way for writers to make money online for free and without investment. One of the best revenue sharing websites today is InfoBarrel.

What is InfoBarrel?

InfoBarrel is revenue sharing website where members can create and publish content and earn percentage of revenue share generated by advertisements placed on same webpages where the content that was created by him was placed.

How to start making money with InfoBarrel?

First of all you need to become a member which you can do it for free on their website.  After you become a member you can start creating and publishing content. Freelance writers can start writing and submit articles for approval once the sign up.

Freelance writers can write and publish articles on any topic they want. If you are freelance writer you can write articles about art, culture, business, computers, technology, health, fitness, entertainment, movies, music.  Contributors are write to write and publish as many articles as they want on  InfoBarrel.

Every time you submit your articles they will be reviewed by the staff at InfoBarrel and if they meet their quality standards they will go live and you will start earning money from them.  New writer need at least 10 approved articles before they become pre-approved writers.  You make money by revenue sharing generated by AdSense ads. InfoBarrel offers 75% share of the revenue generated by your content. That means that when visitors visit your articles 75% of the time they will see your AdSense ads and the rest of the time ads belonging to InfoBarrel. When visitors click on an ad you will earn certain amount of money.

How much can you earn from your articles on InfoBarrel?

How much can you earn depends on several things. Things like the number of articles, the quality of articles you wrote and how well you promote your content influence how much you will earn. To maximize your earning you must bring as many visitors as possible. The more visitors you drive the more money you will earn.

InfoBarrel contributors earn money by earning 75% of the advertising revenue generated by the articles they have written and published. With the IB Ad system no contributors don’t need to open an separate account on AdSense, but  InfoBarrel can pay their earnings through PayPal. InfoBarrel also allows contributors to link their Google Analytics account to track visitors that come to your content.

Another way to make money on Infobarrel is through Amazon Associate program. You can become Amazon affiliate and earn commission when your visitors buy something from Amazon.

InfoBarrel is great way for freelance writers to start making money on;line for free and without investment. Benefit of being an InfoBarrel contributor as opposed to creating your own blog an publishing your articles there is ability to concentrate all your efforts on writing and leave other stuff to be handled by the staff.