4 Ways Freelance Writers Can Start Making Money Online

If you love to write and  you are skilled in expressing yourself with written words then maybe freelance writing online can be perfect opportunity for you to start making money online.

Here are some ways freelance writers can start making money online:

  1. Join freelance websitesFreelancing websites are places where freelancers of all professions meet potential employers. There are a large number of open projects listed by employers at all time. There are freelancing job opportunities for graphic designers, Typists, web designers, virtual assistants. Among the most numerous jobs available are jobs for freelance writers. You can find article writing jobs, ghost writing jobs, SEO writing, Technical, essays, blog posts etc.  To start making money online working on freelancing websites you will need to open free account on one or more of these websites and start bidding on open projects. If your bid is selected you will get to complete the job and get paid when you submit your work. There are a number of freelancing websites online you can join.

  2. Start working on content writing websitesContent writing websites are similar to freelancing websites but unlike freelancing websites almost all of the task are writing jobs. Content writing websites are free to oin are offer many jobs for freelance writers. To start working all they need to do is log in and choose from available jobs. Content writing websites just like freelancing websites accept even new writers without any experience. The jobs on this kind of websites don’t pay much but for beginners but if the freelance writers achieve expert status the pay increases. The payment is usually based on the word count of the article. For 200 words the payment is lower that it is for 300 words article. The more words in the article the more money you get paid.

  3. Write for revenue sharing websites.  Revenue sharing websites are another opportunity for freelance writers to start making money online. When you write for revenue sharing websites you get paid fixed amount of money for every completed article but you receive portion of the revenue that is generated by the articles you have submitted.  There are a large number of revenue sharing websites online and they generally  completely free to join. They accept even new  writers, but they do have certain writing guidelines that all contributors must follow. Once your article is submitted and reviewed by their staff it will be published and advertising will be displayed on the page that your article on. Most revenue sharing websites make money with Google Adsense or other advertising network, and the contributors get to keep part of the advertising revenue. When you publish on revenue sharing websites you don’t receive upfront payment but your articles can generate passive income for years after they are published.

  4. Start your own blog.  Freelance writers can also start their own blog. They can start making money online with a blog when the monetize it by one or more blog monetization method that are available. Starting a blog is neither expensive nor complex. You can start a blog for less than a $100 dollars, which is a cost of a domain name and hosting for a year, or you can go open a free blog using a free blogging platform like Blogger. Once your blog start receive considerable number of visitor you can start making money by placing Adsense ads, affiliate program links, donations  or selling your own products. Making money online with a blog takes time and you will not see any money from the beginning, but if you work hard and continue writing original articles it can be very profitable