How To Avoid Your Dependence On Just One Client

There are many freelancers that find working for single client enough for them to make a living. Many freelancer believe that having one or two long term paying clients is better way to make a living from their skills than constantly looking for new freelance jobs.

Having a single paying client which will provide constant flow of work  certainly has it’s advantages, but what happens if that clients gives you a notice that he does not need your services any more and you don’t have freelance work for the next week or two. This is why you should not rely on one or two clients to provide you with work to make a living. There are some tips to help you avoid with relying on one or two clients.

  1. Always market your services. By having a singe high paying client that provides you constant flow of work is not a reason you should stop marketing your services. Leave time every day for marketing your services by adding new things in to your portfolio and being active in social networks.

  2. Start working on your own projects. Many freelancers are making money solely from freelance jobs. They are probably satisfied with their income and they don’t start projects of their own like writing an ebook or creating a blog. There are many freelancers that start blog for the purpose of promoting their services but they also are making money with their blog by displaying ads and selling products from affiliate networks. Because of this having a project of your own like blog can give more financial security by generating passive income and attracting potential clients.

  3. Hire other freelancers to outsource part your work. One way to get more work done and be able to start working for more clients is by outsourcing part of your work to other freelancers. The reality of many large freelance projects is that they will probably require you to do a job that is not your specialty. This is where hiring others to work on them together with you comes useful. Before hiring others you should check if something like that your clients have no problems with.

  4. Find smaller freelance jobs to work on.  It’s good to find a time for smaller projects. By spending few hours now and then working on smaller projects will help you stay in the game. By working on smaller projects aside from your main project will help you avoid get bored.