5 Essential Skills For Freelance Writing Success

Many freelance writers are making full time  or part time income working online. There are writing jobs posted daily on freelance websites Odesk and Elance. There are also many blogs and businesses that are in constant demand for fresh content that will bring value to their visitors and their number is constantly growing which means that there will be plenty more opportunities to earn money for freelance writers.

Because of these facts many people think of freelance writing as a way to make full time income or even a part time income as freelance writers. The truth is that even ordinary people without any formal education can start making money online working on writing freelance jobs, but writing is not easy and many fail to become  successful freelance writers while there are also those that are making six figures as writers.

There are certain skills that are necessary and could make or break a freelance writers career.

  1. Proper spelling and grammar. One of the sure fire ways to destroy your reputation and freelance writing career is to deliver a work with many spelling and grammar mistakes. If your work has many mistakes it will be rejected by clients and you will get a very negative review which will result in many potential clients looking somewhere else for their projects. Make sure to take some class or use a spelling software and always proofread your work before submitting them to clients.

  2. Do the necessary research. Before you start to work on a new writing assignment you should do the necessary research. Always check for relevant information and then check if the information you have is correct and up to date. Doing research is an integral part of writing and all successful freelance writers know how to research and double check their information.

  3. Ability to write well. Writing o a few sentences that not make someone a writer. Successful freelance writers know how to express themselves and how to write using words that are easy for their target audience to understand.

  4. Marketing skills. Freelance writers must know not only how to write well and have great ideas but they also must know how to promote themselves and build their brand. Self promotion is an area in which many new freelance writers fail. Successful freelance writers know how to promote themselves by building their own blog, joining on forums and using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. That way they can connect with high paying clients and land well paying jobs.

  5. Business skills. Freelance writing needs to be treated as business. Freelance writers are self employed business owners and building and running successful business requires a certain set of skills like collecting payments managing expenses etc.

  6. Communication skills. A good communication skills are also required because of constant need for a communication with clients and on a daily basis. Not having good communication skills can ruin your reputation.