Making Money Online With Clickbank

Over 100.000 people have been making money online with Clickbank. Making money online with Clickbank does not have to be very hard and the large number of people making a profit is a clear sign. There is however work and certain knowledge involved if you want to become one of many individuals that are making money from Clickbank.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a digital products marketplace where vendors or creators of digital products can find affiliates to promote their products for a commission. Clickbank is the worlds largest digital products marketplace where affiliates can choose from thousands of digitals products like ebooks, videos or other downloadable content from many categories ranging from business, relationships, health etc.

Benefits of joining Clickbank

There are many benefits of being a member of Clickbank for both vendors or  affiliates. Some of them are:

  1. Large number of products to choose from.  At any time there are thousands of products available to affiliates they can choose to promote and make money. List of available products can be seen by going to marketplace once you become a member. Products are grouped according to niche and there are many niches available starting from business, health, fitness, finance, relationship etc.

  2. Large commission. One of the greatest advantage of selling digital products from Clickbank is the large commission the affiliates are paid. Usually commission is only a few percent, but with Clickbank products commission is ten times more going up to 75%. His means if you sell $1000 dollars worth of products your share of the earnings as an affiliate will be as much as $750.

  3. Free to join. To become a member of Clickbank is free and you can become an affiliate very easily.

  4. Opportunity to connect with many affiliates. If you are a creator of digital products then Clickbank might be the best place where you can find affiliates that might be interested in promoting your products regardless of the niche.

How to start making money online with Clickbank as an affiliate?

If you want to make money with Clickbank  without owning your own product, then you can make money by selling somebody else's products for a commission which can be as high as 75%. Here is a step by step guidehow to make money s an affiliate:

Step 1: Open an account for free. Becoming and affiliate for Clickbank is free. You will need to navigate to the homepage and click on “digital marketers” and then click “sign up”. Fill out the application form by providing your details and valid email. After you submit your information you will be required to verify your email.

Step 2: Find products you can promote. There are thousands of products listed on Clickbank. The next step will be to find profitable products you can promote. To see a list of available products click on “marketplace”. You can use the search feature or you can search products by clicking on the appropriate category on the left. You can see list of available products as well as price, commission percentage, gravity etc. The best will be to choose products from the niche you are familiar with and know how to promote them.

Step 3: Start promoting Clickbank products. After you have chosen product or products you wish to promote you should get down to business and start promoting them. There are many ways to promote them both free and paid. If you are a blogger you can promote them by placing affiliate links on your blog.

Make money with Clickbank selling your own product.

Aside from being affiliate and selling someone else’s products for a commission, you can also use Clickbank to sell your own product. Here is a step by step guide how to make money by selling your own product:

Step 1: Create a product. You can make money by selling an ebook. You  can write your own book or you can hire a ghostwriter to write it for you. You can also create ans sell video courses and other downloadable content.

Step 2: Open Clickbank account. To list your product on Clickbank go to the homepage and click on “product creators”. To open an account it will cost you less than $50 to activate your account and list your product.

Step 3: List your product. When listing on the commission you will need to decide on the commission your affiliates will receive. Now that your product is listed affiliates will be able to find it and start promoting it for a commission.

Making money with Clickbank is possible either as affiliate or as a product creators. How much money will someone make will depend most of all on his skills and knowledge in choosing the right product to promote, knowing how to promote it or how to create a product that affiliates will be interested in promoting if you are a product creator. Thousands of people have made and are still making lots of money using Clickbank and depends only on you if you will be one of them.