5 Freelance Websites Every Freelancer Should Join

One of the biggest advantages of online freelancing is the ability to work at home from anywhere in the world. All you need to be able to start making money online is a computer connected to internet. While having a computer and necessary skills and talent is the most important for making a living as a freelancer, another thing that is prerequisite for success is  finding a projects you can work on.

Luckily there are numerous websites online where you can find freelancing jobs. They are called freelance marketplace or freelance job boards and there are all kind of projects posted daily in  a number of categories to make it easy to match freelancers looking for work and employers looking for people to hire.

That way freelance writers can look for jobs in blogging, article writing, copy writing, ghostwriting and other categories.  Graphic designer can find projects about logo design, or book cover design, transcribers can bid on projects posted in legal or medical transcription categories etc.

Another great thing about freelance jobs websites is that it’s free and easy to join. Anyone can join and start making money freelancing, even complete newbies without any work experience. There are higher paying jobs for those with experience and lower paying jobs on which newbies can bid and have better chances of being hired.

Out of many freelance jobs websites on internet here is s list of some of the best:

1. Odesk

Odesk is one of the largest freelance jobs websites on internet. There are more than one million freelancers and employers and many new jobs are posted every day in a large number of categories like design, administrative support, writing, marketing, programing etc. Freelancers can bid on jobs paying a fixed amount of money for completion or jobs paying on an hourly basis. There are also projects for team or individual freelaners. Odesk also lets you pass tests which can increase your chances of being hired

2. Elance

Elance is also one of the largest online marketplaces for freelance jobs. Freelancer can find jobs from many categories : design, writing, programming, business services etc. There are around 100.000 new jobs posted every month.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is the largest online freelance jobs website. It has millions projects posted and over millions freelancers. You can find freelance jobs from many categories:

4. Guru

Guru has over 1 million members and there are thousands of freelance jobs from all categories available at all times.

5. People per hour

People per hour is another great freelance jobs website you can join. There are thousands of jobs from all categories posted at any time you can bid on.

If you are interested in making money online working on freelance jobs then the first thing you should too is join these sites and bid on projects you wish to work on. The competition is from the whole world and probably in the beginning will be hard for you to get hired to work on high paying jobs. But over time after you establish your reputation you will be able to make a full time living working on as an online freelancer.