How To Increase Blog Traffic And PageRank Commenting On Blogs

Creating and running your own blog is a legitimate way to start making real money online. There are millions of blogs online today and thousands of new blogs are started each day. For a blog to be successful needs lots of traffic. The more  visitors that come to visit it every day the more money blog owners can make using one or more monetization methods. One of the best sources of traffic for blogs are search engines. To drive traffic from search engines bloggers use many SEO techniques to make their blog rank high on search engines and drive traffic. Another  popular methods are social networks and forums where you can meet many people with similar interests like you and invite them to visit your blog.

Those however are not all methods to connect with people with similar interests to drive traffic to your blog. One of the best methods for driving traffic increasing blogs pare rank is commenting on other blogs. By commenting on other blogs you can exchange ideas and opinions with people with similar interests, drive traffic to your blog and build your audience. Blog commenting is an effective, easy and free way to build your audience that will regularly come back to your blog and enable you to make money with your blog.

Blog commenting is effective because when comment on other blogs from similar niche like yours people who are interested in what your blog is about will come to your blog and not just random visitors. Traffic from other blogs is targeted. If people have visited blog  and joined the conversation by leaving their comment they might click on the link and visit your  blog. If they found something interesting on your blog they will be willing to come back again and this way you will grow your audience.

Commenting on other blog is free because you don’t need to pay anything. You don’t even need to open an account like it is necessary to do on social networks and forums. All you have to do is read the blog post and  write your opinion and comment about  it, and it is easy because to place a link pointing to your blog you need to write a few sentences about what you think about what other bloggers are blogging about.

Establishing connections and building relationships with other bloggers is crucial to get exposure for your blog. Finding blogs from the same niche like yours that are established and have large number of visitors can be great way to drive traffic to your blog and increase your audience if you can convince blog owner to publish guest post on his blog. Great way to be noticed by other blog owners by posting useful comment s on their posts. If you provide valuable information in your comment you can later ask from the blog owner to let you post article as a guest posts. If the blog owner asks you do submit a guest post for then do your best job and write excellent post that he will be happy to publish on his blog.

To post a comment on a blog there are few tips on how to do it properly:

  1. Find blogs that are similar or related to your blog. If the topic that the blog is about is same or very similar as the topic of your blog, then visitors that come to that blog will very likely be interested to read what you are writing on your blog. If they come to your blog and find the information you give is useful to them, they  like your blog and they will keep coming back in the future. More than that they will share link to your blog with their friends on social media and you will see the number of visitors increase. That is how you can build your audience and the traffic to your blog on a long term.

  2. Don’t spam. There are many blogs online where you can go and comment. When you comment on other blog try to be useful. Don’t just post couple of words so that you can have your link placed together with your comment. Be useful and give your honest opinion, critic or add new information to the subject that the writer of the post has not mentioned. If you provide value to other people they will be interested to come to your blog and read your posts.

  3. Find blogs with CommentLuv plugin. For SEO purposes and building backlinks blogs with CommentLuv are good place for commenting. CommentLuv plugin allow people who leave their comment  to place both link to both their homepage and to individual posts. You just leave your comment as you leave on other blogs and enter your blog address. If the blog has CommentLuv plugin installed a link to the latest post on your blog will be created automatically or let you choose to link to one of several most recent posts on your blog.

  4. Find DoFollow  Blogs to comment on. Blog commenting can bring you visitors to your blog but if you create links on authority blogs from your niche that are dofollow  you can also increase the PageRank of your blog. This will bring double benefit to your blog: traffic and better PageRank.

If you have not used blog posting as a method to drive traffic to your blog and build traffic an build backlinks so far than you are missing on a large number of future readers.  Authority blogs from similar niches are excellent way to connect with your target audience. There are large number of blogs online where you can visit and connect with your target audience by posting comments. When posting comments on other blogs make list of blogs and visit regularly to read new posts and leave comments. When commenting  give response, your opinion and provide link to your blog so that other readers may come to your blog and find information that they may find interesting to read.