6 Tips For Freelancers To Get Most Of Their Working Day

When you are working at home as a freelancer you don’t have a boss to look over your shoulder  and reminding you all the time to get the work done. Part of being a successful  freelancers is to be able to motivate yourself  to get job done without someone else looking over you.  If you don’t manage your time well you will see days that go by without much being done. These are days that go very quickly and leave you wondering how come you did not do anything significant. Here are some tips to help you mange your time better and get most out of your day, every day:

  1. List the most important tasks for the day. The first step  you can do to better organize you working hours of the day is make a list of the 3 or 5 or any other number of  most important things to do for the day. Once you have this list you are up for a good start.

  2. Create a workday routine. You should start you working  day with a routine. Create routine from the things you do normally on a working day like having breakfast, reading or what ever is that you like to do in the morning.  After that you should do your  business related activities  like check your emails or make a phone calls so that you will not get distracted later on with this things.

  3. Prioritize your tasks and focus on your most important task for the day. This is one of the most important things you can to get most of you day. From the list of most important tasks for the day select the one that you find is most difficult to do and start working on that one until you finish it. Most people make a mistake of focusing  on many things at the same time which leads to not accomplishing a lot. Pick a job that must be finished today, finish it and then move to another, and then another.

  4. Don’t get interrupted. When you start working on your task do not get interrupted. Forget about calling friends, surfing internet, checking email and similar stuff. You should make time for all this things because checking you email or making calls is part of freelancing business, but once you start working don’t get distracted before you finish the job.

  5. Find when is your best time for work. Some people are working the best they can in the morning, while  others at evening. Find what is the best time of day when you are most focused and have most energy to work on your most important tasks.  Other times of day you can work on less important tasks like making a phone calls or checking emails.

  6. Have a second look at your working day. After you finish the tasks for the day examine what you did. See what was good, what went wrong and what you can improve. After that make a list of the most important tasks for the following day.

These are tips that will help freelance professional get most out of their day. A very important part of success of your freelance business will depend on how productively you use the working hours of each and every day.  Since you are freelance you are alone and no one else will manage your time but yourself.