How To Get Paid To Write Reviews

Internet offers many ways to make money online without investment.  There are easy ways to start making money for free. Paid reviews sites are some of such place where you can make extra money. Books, computer games, movies, software,  consumer goods, electronics, if you have ever used anything you can now share your experience and get paid for it.

Paid reviews are excellent opportunity  for freelance writers. They can monetize their talent by writing  reviews which are easier to write than  the articles. To share you experience about your experience of using some product or service you don’t need to be experienced writer or anything like that. Just  be honest and write about anything you liked or did not like about the product or service that you have used no matter if it is a book, movie, computer game, consumer goods, restaurant  service, hotel service, web hosting and just about anything you are familiar with.

Reviews are useful to consumers for helping them choose which products or services to buy. They can search for reviews  written  by other people who have previously used certain product and decide if it satisfies their needs or not.

To start making money with paid reviews is easy, all you have to do is join one or more paid review sites. If you search online you will find many such sites. Join at least one of them and write as much honest reviews as you can to maximize your earnings. Some of them pay a fixed amount of money for each review, others are revenue sharing websites which means they give portion of their advertising revenue to the reviewers.

List of paid to review sites you can join

Shared reviews – is a review site that pays 50% of the revenue that is generated to the writers who submit their reviews.

Review Stream – You can write reviews about anything : hotels websites, electronics, movies, books.

Rate it  All – write about  anything you like. They share 50% of their revenue with the writers who submit their reviews.

Software Judge – Accepts reviews on computer software. Pays as high as  $50 dollars per review.

Shvoong – give your opinion on written publications and earn a share of the advertising revenue.

Epinions – you earn “royalties credits for your reviews. Which you can later convert to real money.

Making money online with get paid to review websites  is possible. There are people who made thousands of dollars reviewing products and  services. If you intend of earning extra money way keep in mind about the importance of being honest and give objective review because your contributions will influence someone else’s decision to purchase you write about.