6 Ways Freelancers Can Market Their Work

Marketing their work is an important part of the success of every freelancer.  Your success in marketing your freelance business will determine  your success as a freelancer in the long run. Learning the proper way to market their work is most important for newbie freelancers. There are number of ways you freelancers can market their work for free or cheaply:

  1. Build a portfolio. Creating your own portfolio is a good way to market your work to potential clients. There is no better way to show to the potential clients what you are your capabilities than samples of your previous work.  On top of that it’s not even too difficult today to build your portfolio.

  2. Join freelance marketplaces. This is probably the first thing you should do when you decide to go freelance. Join one or more freelance marketplaces and create your profile.  Freelance marketplaces are places where freelancers and employers meet. Employers post the jobs they want finished for them with the description and turn around time, and freelancers place their bids. If their bid is selected they get to finish the job and be paid.

  3. Start blogging. Your own blog is another great way to market your work for free. You can establish yourself as an expert by writing posts that are helpful and informative to the people visiting your work.  Blogs are loved by search engines and they will bring many targeted visitors which you can convert into paying clients by showcasing your skills and expertize on your blog. Once you have visitors coming to your blog you can showcase your past work and your skills and invite them to hire you .

  4. Create a business card. Business cards one of the essential marketing tools for freelancers. Business card should not contain too much information or look cheap. It should contain basic information about what you do and how your customers can contact you.

  5. Take advantage of social media for marketing of your work. Social media like Twitter or LinkedIn are powerful tool you can use to find potential clients and establish connections with them.

  6. Guest post on blogs. Having your own blog is a great way to market your work as a freelance, but you can also write guest posts on other blogs. You can write posts about things from your field of expertize and provide a link to your own blog which will bring more visitors to your blog.