Step By Step Guide On Making Money Online With CPM Networks

CPM networks are advertising networks bloggers use to make money with a blog. CPM is short from cost per mille or cost per thousand views. The money that earns blogger are calculated on the number of views of the ads.  If the cost per thousand impresions is $1 dollar and your blog has about 2000 visitors per day than your earnings will be $2. Some CPM networks pay less than $1 and others may pay several dollars per 1000 impressions depending on many things like the niche of the blog and from which country most visitors come from.

Steps to start making money with CPM networks

  1. Create a blog or a website. To start making money with CPM ads you will need a blog or  a website.  Most people search online for information so you need to create a blog with original and informative content if you wish people to come and keep coming back to your blog. Pick a niche for your blog and start creating content that will tell your visitors how to solve certain problems and establish your blog as an authority on the issue.

  2. Drive traffic to your blog. The most important thing for making money online with CPM ad networks is the traffic you blog has. The money you will make are proportionally dependent  on the number of visitors that come to your blog. There are many things that can help you bring visitors to your blog or website. On page and off page SEO, proper keyword research, commenting on other blogs and using social media to promote your blog are thinkgs you can do to boost the traffic.

  3. Choose CPM advertising network you can join . There are a number of CPM networks you can join. To join is free but they will have to review your application before you become a publisher. Check out the requirements before you apply because some networks accept blogs with a few thousands visitors per month while some may require that your blog has more than 100.000 visitors or more. With your application you will need to provide you details and your preferred payment method. Most CPM networks pay through PayPal.

  4. Place ads on you blog. After you are approved next step to earning money online with cpm ads is placing ads on your blog.  Log in to your account and copy the ad code, and then paste it on your blog. After you paste the code ads will start appearing when someone visits your blog.

  5. Get paid. Once you meet the minimum payment threshold you can request payment. Minimum payment is different with many networks, with some may be $25 and for others $100. Most networks pay by PayPal.