Make Money Selling Artwork On Etsy

Etsy is a great place for creative and artistic people to start making money online by selling their handmade goods or artwork. Etsy is similar to other sites where people can sell stuff online, but Etsy is geared towards artistic people who want to sell the thing they made by themselves and also vintage items and craft supplies.

There are number of reasons why Etsy is great place to sell your artwork and handmade items. Etsy is a global marketplace having 15 million potential customers who shop there. This number constantly growing because large number of new buyers and businesses are joining every day. There are also many promotional tools available. Etsy also has supportive community of sellers for you to exchange ideas and learn new things.

To start selling on Etsy is simple. First step is to open an account. To open an account navigate to Etsy website and click the Register button. To register you will need a username, password and an valid email account. After you fill out the form read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click register.

Open your Etsy store

After opening your account you must register as a seller and open your shop. Opening a store on Etsy is very easy and after you set it up you can list your items for sale. When creating your store you will need to decide on the name, which can contain up to 20 letters and numbers. You can customize the way your store looks by  uploading a banner which can be 760 x 100 pixel image, adding a short description explaining to the visitors what kind of items you plan to sell and a shop announcement to say welcome to your buyers and promote sales.

List items for sale

After setting up a store you can start listing the items you want to sell. You will need to take photos of your item and upload it to your store as well as write description and choose appropriate categories. You can also tag your items which will help you selling them by enabling buyers to find them more easily.  You can list both physical and digital products. After your listing is complete all that is left is click the “Publish” button an your listing will be live for all the potential buyers to see. Listing an item will cost you $0.20

Sell your items and get paid.

Once your items are listed they are live and you can expect that thousands of buyers will them. When your items are sold you will also need to pay a fee of 3.5% of selling price and ship them to buyers. Finding a buyer on Etsy is not difficult if you have a interesting product to sell because there are millions of buyers you can reach. Once your item is sold you will get paid using a method of your choice which can be PayPal, Check, Bank transfer or other method.