7 Tips To Increase The Exposure Of Your Content

People use internet every day to search for information. Blogs and websites is  where they step in to provide the information they need and make money from advertisements, selling affiliate products or some other method of website and blog  monetization. Because of this writing original blog posts that have some value is critical for te success of every blog and maximizing the earnings for the blog owner.

However  just writing and publishing good blog posts is not all that is involved in bringing visitors to your blog. Writing great blog posts or hiring someone to do it for you is just one step to success. The next step also very important is to increase the exposure of your blog posts so that the target audience that might be interested in reading what you publish on your blog can find your blog posts. If your efforts in creating original content are not following by efforts for increasing the exposure that you might find yourself investing lot of time, hard work and even money for writing quality blog posts and there is no one coming  to read them on your blog.

Because of these reasons you will need to have a plan, strategy and methods in place and allocate time every day to increase the exposure of your blog posts and driving more traffic to your blog you can later monetize and start making money with your blog.

  1. Research relevant keywords you can use. One of the most important sources of traffic for your blog are search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. When people search for information online they use search engine by typing the words and  phrases in the search box and clicking on search button. After that they will see a number of pages with links to webpages on internet where they can find content where those words and phrases are used. These words and phrases are called keywords and to drive more traffic to your blog posts you should learn all there is to know about using keyword research tools to find relevant keywords to use in your blog posts.

  2. Don’t go for the most obvious keywords. Once you have made a list of keywords  using keyword research tools you should decide on the words you should use to write your blog posts. What most bloggers do is they would go with the most obvious keywords which have high search volume. However because of the strong competition it’s difficult to rank high for those keywords and gain more exposure for your blog posts. Because of this you should go with keywords that don’t have many searches for which you can relatively easy rank high and drive traffic to your blog posts. There are keyword research tools you can use to find relevant keywords with low competition for your blog posts.

  3. Do not over use keywords in your blog posts. Optimizing your content for search engines is a great strategy to increase the exposure of your blog posts. Using relevant keywords in your blog content can help you reach your target audience and drive more traffic to your blog. However using keywords to many times in blog post can have the opposite effect. Using too many keywords in content is called spamming and search engine can recognize content that is stuffed with too many keywords and your blog can be penalized if you have content like that on your blog. To avoid spamming your content, you can instead of using keywords too many time in blog post use synonyms and the density should be somewhere about 1 – 3 % which means for every 100 words in your article you can use your keywords no more than 2 or 3 times. Proper keyword density with help your blog content get more exposure.

  4. Build backlinks to your content. Building backlinks to your blog posts can increase their page rank and as well drive targeted visitors to our website. When building backlinks you should find quality websites that your target audience visit frequently and build backlinks to your content by writing comments that will be interesting. You can build backlinks by commenting on blogs and posting on forums among other link building methods. Find a blog or forum that your target audience visits frequently and post comment on blog posts and write answers to question posted by other members. With every post you make you can include a backlink to your blog or website. If you provide value you will establish your reputation as expert in your field you can expect people will be interested in your content and will visit your blog.

  5. Use the power of social media to increase the exposure of your blog content. If you want to maximize the exposure of your content then using the power of social media is something you must learn how to use. Start by opening accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon and others and post regularly. You can also place sharing buttons on your blog or business website and see your content gaining more exposure as visitors share your content with their friends and  your content goes viral and brings more and more visitors.

  6. Transform your written content into different mediums. Most of internet today is made of written content, but not all people prefer written content. To increase the exposure think about making a video or slideshow from your content. You can later upload your content on video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and others. You can further on  embed these videos on your own site and make your content available to more people in their preferred form.

  7. Increase the exposure of your content in  no time using paid advertisements. It’s very difficult and time consuming to promote your content by yourself. However you can increase the exposure of your content in no time using paid methods. The worlds best known paid advertising network is Google Adwords, but it somewhat expensive. There is however alternative in using other cheaper ad networks like Reddit Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, StumbeUpon Paid discovery among others. Using paid advertising to increase the exposure of your content is easy but it will cost you money for every visitor that comes to your blog or website.

Making money with a blog is possible only if blog has traffic. If there is no one that visits your blog you can't make money from the advertisements and affiliate links. To get increasing number of visitors to your blog you must have a strategy on how to create original content and increase the exposure of that content.