How To Make Money Playing Games

If yuo are interested in making money online and did some research you probably already know that you can make money by working on freelance jobs, with affiliate programs, by building and monetizing a blog and other ways. Out of all online money making opportunities there are, there is one that is probably most fun and easiest.  What would you say if you know that there is a way to play games online and earn money for playing? Most would say that that is only a  childhood dream and  definitely not possible. But there are websites on internet that reward their members with real money for playing online games.

There is nothing complicated involved in making money online playing games. You don’t ned any expertize or experience, just computer connected to onternet, free time and love for playing computer games. What you can do if you wish to make real money online playing games is join one or more of this sites and start playing games for which you will be rewarded with points, credits or something else which you can exchange for real money, gift cards or other rewards.

There is also way to make money from games by participang in tournaments online. To make extra money this way you will need to join websites that organize gaming tournaments. Some of these tournaments are free to join while others require some sort of participation fee. There are many types of gaming tournament: daily, weekly and if you are winner you will be rewarded with money or other kind of reward.

Here are number of websites wher you can participate in tournaments and make money playing games:

  1. – is a reward website where members can earn points called Swagbucks by playing games and later redeem them for real money or other rewards like gift cards.

  2. – is a reward website similar to Swagbucks. Members can earn points called ZoomBucks by playing games, answering surveys and other activities, and exchange them for rewards.

  3. – is an online multiplayer gamnes where players earn so called marsdollars by playing the game. Later they can exchange marsdollars for real money or rewards.

  4. – Game Show Networs ( is a website where you can join get rewarded for playing games. You will be rewarded in points which on are called oodles. Later you can redeem them for prizes. You can also participate in gaming contest where you can earn cash, but entering contests  will require certain fee.

  5. – is a website where you can play games and earn points called “coins”. You can use coins to enter prize drawings, sweepstakes and enter tournaments where you can win cash and merchandise prizes if you are a winner.

  6. – is aplace where members can win money playing on their Xbox and PS3 consoles. There are free to enter tournaments with a $100.000 cash in monthly prizes.

  7. – is a nother website where you can make extra money online playing games, completing surveys, writing game reviews etc.

  8. – is another website where you can win prizes by playing games. Or playing games you will earn “token” which you can later exchange for gifts.

Become a game tester

One other way to start making money playing games is to become  game tester. Game developers pay to people called game testers to test games that are being developed to find bugs and problems in the games. Game testers are paid about $10 an hour.

Although it may sound like a dream job at first,  being game tester can be a tedious job. Game testers ont get to choose the games they want to test and may be given games that they might not find interesting. They will have to play a part of the game over and over again and sometimes spend 12 hours a day testing games. Game testing  is repetitive job and can be very boring and frustrating.

Write and sell game strategy guides

Another way you can monetize your time dedicated to playing games is to write and publish a strategy guide for popular games. If you have lot of experience playing popular computer games and think you know everything there is to know about it, you can write a guide and sell it on Amazon or build your own website where you can sell strategy guides for your favorite games.

Sell virtual currency and virtual items for real money

If you like to play massive online games like World of warcraft,  Runescape,  Guild Wars, Eve Online and others you can make real money by selling virtual in game gold, items, weapons and other virtual assets. To collect in game gold and items usually need to spend a lot of time playing the game. Because of this some players who want to skip many hours of playing and advance fast in the game find it easier to ay real money for ingame money and items. There are many online marketplaces where you can sell virtual items from your favorite online games to interested buyers:,, and others. Be carefull when you sell virtual item because buying and selling virtual items is not allowed by some online games and can get your account  banned if they find you are doing it, but there are also games that allow trading.