Make Money With Your Blog Using In-text Ads

Blogs are legitimate online money making opportunity and blogger can make real money online if they know how to monetize them. There are many ways to make money with a blog, some of the most popular ways bloggers use to do it are Google Adsense, affiliate links etc.  In addition to the monetization methods if you are a blogger you can also monetize your blog with in-text ads.

What are in text ads?

In-text ads are ads that are embedded in the written content of the blog. In-text ads appear as double underlined words to so that they can be distinguished from other links.  When a visitor comes to your blog and hovers with mouse pointer over an ad then the ad will be displayed. When visitor clicks on the ad then the blog owner will make money. The ad network will scan through the content of the blog and display ads that are relevant to the content of the blog and the interest of the visitor. This will in turn increase the click through rate and the earnings.  The ads will attach themselves to keywords in the content that the advertisers are bidding on.  Lets say your content is about weight loss. The in-text ads will attach to the word weight loss and when visitors hovers over the ad he will see preview of the ad. When the visitor clicks on the ad then he will be taken to the advertisers website.

How to start making money with in text ads?

To start making money with in-text ads you will need to have a website or a blog. If you don’t have one you can build a website for free using free blogging platforms like Blogger. If you have a blog than you will need to apple to an in-text  ad networks. If your application is approved than all you will need to do is log in to your account to get code to insert in your website. After you do that in-text ads will start to appear on your blog. When visitors hover over them they will have  preview of the ads an when they click on them the blog owner will make certain amount of money.

Advantages of in-text ads ads

In-text ads are used by many blog and website owners to make money by monetizing their traffic. The reason why many webmaster use in-text ads is because of the many advantages that they have over other types of monetization.

  1. They don't take precious space on your webpages. One of the main advantages of in-text ads  over other types of advertisements  is that they don’t occupy space on your blog. When you place PPC or CPM banner ads  on your webpages you will have to change the layout of your blog. With in-text ads you don’t have to do this. You will insert code in your blog and ads will start to appear attached to keywords in the content. They can be customized to appear as dotted, underlined or double underlined words and in color of your choice to distinguish them from regular links. Publishers can also choose how many he wants to appear in a text.

  2. In text ads can be customized. Because of their ability to customize how they look pubishers can experiment to find the setting that have highest CTR and are most lucrative for them.

  3. You can use them along with other methods to make more money with your blog. You can place in-text ads along with other types of ads on your blog like CPM or CPC and supplement the earnings generated from other revenue streams, or you can use in-text ads exclusively as an alternative to them and affiliate links.

Disadvantages of monetizing your blog with in-text ads.

Placing in-text ads on your blog also has its shortcomings. One of them is that the visitors may find them irritating. What can happen is that they may click on an in-text ad thinking it is a regular link and they will go a website owned by an advertiser. This will frustrate your readers because going to advertisers website was not something they intended to do and may start to avoid your blog in the future.

Readers also find irritating ads that are displayed  when they hover over in-text ads in the content because that will interfere in their reading. Another downside of in-text ads is that they may hurt earnings from affiliate links if the blog owners use affiliate programs to monetize their traffic.

In-text ads can also be irrelevant to the text of the blog which may irritate visitors even more and contribute to low CTR and decreased earnings. The visitor don’t like coming to a blog about health fitness to find something interesting to read, and ads about products unrelated to health or fitness start to be displayed when they accidentally place mouse pointer over in-text ad.

All these reasons can ultimately cause decrease in the traffic and earnings in the future. Because of this many webmasters and bloggers have stopped using them.

List of in-text ad networks

To start monetizing your site with in-text ads you should first of all join advertising networks that serve in text ads. Here is a list of such ad networks you can join and start making money with your blog using in text ads:

  1. Infolinks is one of the most popular in-text ad network. It offers many options to customize your ads and increase your CTR and earnings. Minimum amount to request payment is $50 and you need a Paypal account to be paid.

  2.  Vibrant is another ad network you can join. Their ads can be customized to better itegrate with your blog and improve your click through and earnings.

  3. Viglink  is another in-text ad network you can use to monetize your blog. However unlike other in-text ad networks that pay for every click your visitors make on ads, Viglink ads are affiliate links. The advantage of affiliate links over pay per click ads is that they pay more so instead of cents you can earn dollars from the ads. The advantage of Viglink is that you don’t need to join affiliate networks because Viglink has partnership with many of them. Viglink will place in-text ads on your blog and when visitors buy something from the merchants website you will earn a commission.

  4. Builtintext Is another network you can join. It has 15 ad formats from which publishers can choose to blend the ads better into their blog.

  5. BeContext allows it’s publishers to target their visitors by keywords and location like country and  city to increase their CTR and earnings.

  6. offers 60/40 revenue sharing to their publishers. There are also plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger to make implementation of ads simpler.

  7. Kontera is another great advedrtising networks that serves intext ads. Minimum payment is $50 and pays with Paypal, Check or Wire.

  8. Skimlinks is similar to Viglink placing affiliate links inside your content.