7 Tips To Make Your Wordpress Blog User Friendly

What makes  a certain  blog or website successful  is defined by the traffic or the number of visitors that visit it regularly. Getting visitors to your website involves promoting your blog to get new visitors and keep them coming back by providing them with great experience. Important thing to get  visitors to your website or blog is to give them valuable information and optimizing your blog for search engines. Another part of successful blogs is that they are very convenient and user friendly and visitors like to come back again and visit them often .

Here are some tips to make your blog more convenient for the visitors:

  1. Make sure your site loads fast even on slow connections. One of the thing that can frustrate visitors is waiting more time than usual for the webpage to load. Your blog needs to be optimized and to load fast even on slow connections. Although most of the connections today are very fast you can optimize your site for the few ones that don’t have fast internet connection. Your blog once is online will be visible to everyone in the world and all connections are not high-speed. The loading time of your blog can be decreased by removing elements that contain much information.  You can improve the loading speed of your blog or website if you remove excess high resolution pictures and flash animations from  your blog.

  2. Use a reputable web hosting company. There are a number of web hosting companies you can use to host your blog. Choosing a good webhosting can be very important to make your blog more convenient for your visitors and provide them with good experience. Downtime, high loading time and other thing are dependent on your choice of web hosting provider. If your visitors are  seeing “404 not found” when they try to visit your site or have to wait more than usual for your webpage to load you can expect they will not be coming back to your blog again.

  3. Place a search form on your blog. It is good practice to place search form on your blog. Add search form will make your blog easier to navigate . Better navigation means better experience and the people visiting your blog will be more satisfied. This way your visitors will be able to search for and find posts that they will be interested in reading.

  4. Group your posts in  categories. By grouping posts in categories will help visitors to navigate easier and find posts that they are interested in. All your posts can be grouped in one or more categories. Grouping posts in categories also help increase the ranking of your blog.

  5. Remove dead links from your blog posts. It’s a good idea when writing blog posts to provide links to relevant websites and other posts on your blog. The visitors also like when they find relevant links they can click on and visit websites instead of having to type the url by hand. However if they find out that many links on your blog are linked to webpages that no longer exist can frustrate them and they will start to think  that the  information on your blog is not up to date or that your blog posts are too old to contain relevant information and start avoiding your blog. Checking your wordpress blog for dead links can be tedious task, but you have a plugin called Broken link checker  you can install and use to find dead links. Dead links also can hurt the SEO of your blog.

  6. Tag your posts. Tags are a navigational category just like categories. Posts in your blog should be tagged with the most relevant tags. That will help visitors better navigate your blog, find posts they are interested in and provide them with better experience as well as increase traffic to your blog.

  7. Don’t place too much ads on your webpages.  Placing too much ads is a thing that can contribute to visitors avoiding your blog. When there are too many ads on the webpage is repulsive to visitors and can hurt their  experience. When placing ads on your blog make sure the area covered by ads is less than the area covered by your main content. You should also know that some advertising networks like Google Adsense limit the number of ads on a webpage to maximum 3.

These are some of the tips that can help you make your Wordpress blog user friendly and more convenient for your visitors. You can expect to get visitors to your blog and have them coming back regularly if they find your blog is informative and, good looking and easy to navigate. You can expect they will be coming back and more traffic means more opportunities to make money online with your Wordpress blog.