12 Ways To Make Money With A Website

When it comes to making money online if you own a website or a blog that has a lot of traffic then you have many ways available you can start making money.There are many ways bloggers and website owners can monetize their  virtual real estate The most important thing for making decent amount of money with your website is traffic. If no one ever visits your blog then you cant make money.

If you are interested in making money with a website and you don’t own a blog already you can begin by starting a blog of your own. You can start your own self hosted if you buy a domain name and web hosting or you can start a website for free using platforms like Blogger and DevHub. So what are the methods for traffic monetization? There are a number of methods which blog and website owners can use alone or in combination with other methods to monetize their internet presence.

  1. Pay per click ads. One of the most common ways to monetize a website or a blog is joining a pay per click network. Worlds greatest PPC network is Google Adsense but there are other PPC networks you can join if you want to start making money this way. The process of joining PPC networks starts with submitting your application where you provide details about your website. When your application is approved you can log in to your publisher account where you will find code you can insert in your blog or website. After that ads will start to appear on your site and when visitors click on them you will earn certain amount of money which can go from one cent to over a dollar for a single click. The best network to join is Google Adsense because it has great pay rates and large pool of advertisers because and higher earnings per click than other networks. Other networks are Bidvertiser, AdHitz, Chitika, Media.net etc.

  2. CPM ad networks. Similar to PPC networks are CPM ad networks. CPM stands for cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions. Unlike pay per click networks where visitors need to click on a n ad for you to make money, CPM networks pay according to the number of impression the ads on your site receive. How much money will you earn from your ads depends on many things but mostly on the number of visitors. Larger banner sizes usually pay more than smaller ad sizes. If you place your ad on the top of the page than you can make more money than you would earn from an ad placed on the bottom of the page. You can earn fro as little as few cents for every 1000 impression to as high as few dollars for 1000 impressions. If you  earn around $1 per thousand impressions. So if your site has 50.000 impressions a month you can expect to earn $50 a month.  There are a number of CPM ad networks you can join and start making money online with a website.

  3. Sell advertising space for a certain period of time. Another way to begin making money with your website displaying ads  that is different from monetizing with CPC or CPM networks is by selling ad space for a certain period of time. Unlike CPC networks when you make money when visitors click on ads or CPM network that pay you based on the number of impressions, this way you earn money by simply placing ad on your site for a fixed amount of money over a certain time period, usually a month. You will earn money regardless if someone clicks on the ads or how many impression did the ad received. If you want to monetize your site using this method you should check BuySellAds where you can submit you site and advertisers who might be interested to buy ad space on your website or blog can see it.

  4. Sell ad space yourself.  There are many ad networks you can join and let them find advertisers willing to spend money to have their ads on your blog or website. Although you will let them handle all the work in finding and advertisers, they will in return keep a share of the earnings made by your site. But why not cut out the middle man  and keep all the money  yourself. You can choose the type and format of the banner ads you want to place on your website or blog and set your own rates. The disadvantage of selling the advertisement space of your blog is that  you will have to do all the work associated with monetizing your website or blog using this method. You will have to find advertisers that will be interested in advertising on your site yourself, as well as handle all the process of selling advertising space and payments, something the ad networks will normally do.

  5. Sell text links. Selling text links was a popular monetization method. However  because Google now penalizes sites that sell text links without nofollow tag many website owners and bloggers are avoiding this way of making money online with a website. The advantage of monetizing your site using text links is that they are less annoying than banners. There are also websites where you can sell text links.

  6. Monetize your website with widgets. One other way you can monetize your website or blog are widgets. Widgets are an advertising option that allows bloggers and website owners to start making money on a CPC or  CPM  basis. There are a number of sizes you can choose for your widgets:  468x60, 728x90, 160x600 etc. You can also customize even further by choosing colors so they can fit better in the overall design of your website. There are number of websites you can join and start making money with widgets.

  7. Start making money with affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to monetize a website used by many bloggers and website owners.  Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products for a commission.  To start making money online with affiliate marketing you need to join an affiliate network and place affiliate links on your website. When visitors click on the links they will go to merchants website and if they purchase something you will earn a commission, usually a percentage of the sale price. There are a large number of affiliate networks you can join. Even large companies like Amazon have their affiliate programs. To start advertising your affiliate products you can place banners and text links on your site or write product reviews and include link to the merchants website in the body of the text.

  8. Sponsored reviews. Sponsored reviews are another way to monetize your website. There are number of websites where you can join and find advertisers willing to pay bloggers to write a review for their products. There are many bloggers that make lots of money from sponsored reviews but there are also many who don’t want  to write sponsored reviews because they feel that will damage their credibility. Google also penalizes websites with sponsored reviews.

  9. Offer premium content or private forum membership for a fee.  People use internet to search for information that they need. Every website has free content that is available to everyone, but some have a premium content or access to a private forum that is available only to members that pay certain membership. If you have something of value to offer to your audience like tools, information, techniques then you can offer them to those who are interested for a fee.

  10. In-text ads. Intext ads are another way you can start making money with a blog or a website. In-text ads will appear  with an underline in the text. When visitor scroll over them ad will pop up, and if they click on the ad you will make money.

  11. Pop-up and pop-under ads. Pop-up and pop-under ads are another method you can monetize your website. Pop-up and pop-under ads are new web browser window on which there is advertisement. The earning are on a CPM basis which means your earning will be on a per impression basis. Although they are legitimate way to make money you should consider before you start using them to monetize you website, because they are considered annoying and may irritate your visitors. There are a number of networks that serve pop-up and pop-under ads like Poponads.net and ity.im you can join.

  12. Write your own ebook and sell it on your website or blog.  Another way to monetize you site is by selling an information to th interested audience in a form of ebook. If you own a blog or a website that is around certain niche then you can organize your posts in an ebook and allow your visitors to download it for a price. Many people use internet to search for useful information. If they come to your site and like what  they read they may be willing to spend some money to buy it.