Start Making Money Online With Revenue Sharing Video Websites

Revenue sharing websites are great way for creative people to start making money online from the content that they have created. Revenue sharing websites are websites that reward people that create and publish content with a portion of the revenue that is generated by their content. People from all over the world can open account on revenue sharing websites for free and start publishing their content. Then  as long as their content is online it will generate income from advertisements and contributors will receive a portion of it. The more their content is popular the more money they will make.

Many revenue sharing websites are article directories where freelance writers or anyone else can write article on any topic and publish them. There are however many revenue sharing websites where members can create passive stream of income and start making money from videos that they have made. Some of these websites places where members can upload exclusively videos but there are also websites that accept other types of content in addition to videos.

Step by step guide  to make money with revenue sharing video websites

  1. Open an account with one or more video revenue sharing websites. T start making money with your videos you will need to open an account. Opening account is free and most of the time what you will need is a valid email address.

  2. Create a video. If you want to make money with video revenue sharing websites you will need to crate videos. You can use camera tablet or your phone to record a video that you wish to upload. Your videos should be interesting, original and to be compliat with the guidelines and terms of the website because video sharing websites have certain standards that your video must meet. You can edit your videos with software like Windows Movie Maker.

  3. Upload your videos. After you become a member of video websites you can start uploading your videos. Log in t your account and follow instructions for uploading your videos.

  4. Promote your videos. How much money will you make from your videos depends on how many people will see them. Because of this you must promote your videos and drive more traffic. There are many ways you can promote your videos. You can start by researching relevant keywords and write title and description for your videos that is optimized for search engines. You can promote your videos using Facebook, share it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can also write a blog post and embed your video for more visitors.

  5. Get paid. When your earning reach a minimum payment amount you can request payment. Revenue sharing video websites usually pay Paypal or check.

What kind of videos can you upload on revenue sharing websites?

You can upload any videos and make money as long as they are not against the policies of the websites. Revenue sharing video websites generally accept any type of video except in cases when there is copyrighted material used in the making of the video or  videos contain content that is forbidden. Before uploading your videos check out the guidelines of the video site.

You can make videos using your camera, phone tablet and edit them before publishing on video websites. You can edit your  videos using software like Windows Movie Maker. Videos you will create should be interesting to a wider audience if you wish many people to watch them and maximize your earnings. You can make funny videos, tutorials or make a video out of many other different videos and upload it, just make sure you don’t use copyrighted material or risk to have your videos removed from the site.

List or revenue sharing video websites

  1. Youtube – Youtube is the worlds greatest website for videos. Millions of people visit Youtube every day to have fun watching videos. Aside from ability to publish your videos here where all your friends can see them you can also make extra money from your Youtube videos. If you wish to start making money from Your videos on Youtube you will also need an Adsense account. If you don’t already have an Adsense account you will need to apply for one. Adsense is online ad network owned by Google that pays for every click viewers make on ads that are displayed together with your videos. The more clicks on the ad the more money you will make. However beng a PPC network you can have thousands of viewers every day and still don’t make any money if no one clicks on the ads. You will receive your earnings from Adsense once your balance reaches minimum payment amount.

  2. – is another revenue sharing video website where you can publish you videos and start making money. contributors called producers earn 50% revenue share from the earnings generated y their videos. If you decide to make money with you can receive your earning once you have minimum of $25 dollars on your balance through Paypal. If your balance is at least $600 at the end of the month than you will be paid by check.

  3. Metacafe – is one of the largest video websites. If you wish to start making money from videos that you will publish on Metacafe. Once your video will be reviewed and possibly included in the Producer rewards program once it has 20,000 views. If your video is within their guidelines you can be making $2 for ever thousand views your video receives. Once your earning reach a minimum amount of $100 you will be paid.

  4. Dailymotion is another video website where you can monetize your videos. To start making money with Dailymotion you will need to become partner. Partners earn as much as 70% revenue share. You can start making money from your videos, when you share Dailymotion videos on your blog, website and son social networks. You will also earn  when your videos are shared on other blogs and social networks. If you have a blog  or a website you can still start making money from Daillymotion without creating and publishing your videos. If you have a blog or a website join Daillymotion, find videos that might be interested to the readers of your blog and start making money.