Earn Real Money Online: 5 Best eBay Alternatives

There are many people who are making money online selling items on online action websites. The most popular online auction website is eBay. Online sellers have been using eBay to sell their stuff to the highest bidder for years. What makes eBay so popular is that there are millions of potential buyers that are using eBay every day to search for items they want to buy.

eBay may be worlds most popular auction website but it’s many policies and somewhat high fees have made some of the seller to look for alternative ways they can sell their stuff online. Today sellers who were more or less not satisfied with eBay have many alternative online auction sites where they can list their items and find interested buyers. If you are one of those looking for a way to place your items on an online auction and want other way to do it than eBay here are some of the options that are available to you.

eBid is an auction and fixed price marketplace and a great eBay alternative. eBid is a website that is very much alike eBay and people who would like a website like eBay but with much less fees then eBid may be the best alternative. The fees on eBid start with 3% on the price of the item and varies with subscription and upgrade options. eBid offers many payment options: Paypal, Moneybookers(Skrill), Amazon Checkout and PPPay.


Bidstart is another good eBay alternative you can use to sell your items online. On Bidstart you can sell your items for a fixed price, in auction or you can open a store. Bidstart is an online marketplace used by buyers and sellers of collectibles: comics, coins, stamps, memorabilia etc.  Payment methods accepted at Bidstart are Paypal,  Moneybookers(Skrill), Check/MoneyOrders Google Checkout. The fees and 8% or less. If you have collectibles to sell then Bidstart may be your best choice.


OnlineAuction is another online marketplace where you can place your stuff. OnlineAuction is an auction website where for a starting fee of $8 a month you can start listing and selling your items without limitations and without listing fees and final value fees. Because of this OnlineAuction is great for selling online for those who sell large number of items. Payment methods available are PayPal, Checks, Money Orders.


eAaltbay is another eBay alternative online sellers can use to sell their items. eAltbay is online auction site that allows you to sell anything that is legal to sell and own.  You can sell there items that are not allowed to sell on eBay. The fees are 1.6%  of sale price. Payment methods available are Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders.


uBid is another eBay alternative online sellers can use. uBid is an online auction website where you can sell. There are no listing fees on uBid but final value fees go from  a minimum 2,50% and more.  uBid accepts payments using credit and debit cards.

eBay is a popular website for making money online by selling stuff on online auctions. Because of this is no wonder that there are many alternative. Here are only 5 but you can find more online auction websites is you search online. If you decide to start your own online business selling on auction websites you can choose one or more online auctions depending on your preferences.