Making Money Online By Selling Your Designs on Zazzle

One of the online money making opportunities freelance designers and other creative people can tap into is by creating and selling their designs on Zazzle. Zazzle is similar to Cafepress where designers can earn royalties from their designs.

You can create custom design and sell it on mugs, shirts, posters, calendars, hats, bags, business cards, skateboards. The best part of it you don’t have to pay anything to get started. Only thing you will need to start making money online selling your art online is your own creativity and willingness to work hard.

To start selling your designs you will need to create a store. Creating a store on Zazzle is free and easy, only thing you need is designs of your own. Another thing you will need is at least basic knowledge in using graphic editing software like Photoshop. There are also many tutorials and guides to help you with that.

First of all you will need to create some designs. Do create successful design you must be original because creating something which is very similar to millions of designs that already exist on Zazzle will hardly make your designs unique and help them being noticed by buyers.

After you have some designs created next step to making money selling customized merchandise is to upload them  to Zazzle and chose which products you want to sell with your designs on. You can choose to have your designs put on mugs, t-shirts, posters, bags, stamps etc.Creating the designs and choosing what products you want to sell is all that you need to do. After that Zazzle takes over and handles all the rest like creating and shipping of goods and maintaining the inventory.If you sell your designs as a store owner you can decide on the markup for every product.  If you choose 10% markup for a $19 shirt you will keep $1.9, the rest goes to Zazzle.

The earning from selling your own designs depends on the quality and on the number of the designs that you have created.  You must create original and unique designs that the buyers will want to buy from thousands and thousands of other designs on Zazzle. Also having as many designs as possible is necessary if you want to make more money selling customized merchandise.

Aside from designing and selling your own customized merchandise, you can start making money with Zazzle by becoming an associate and referring buyers. As an associate you will have many promotional tools for free you can place on your website or blog and earn a 15%  commission for every sale you make, including a bonus that can go as high as 17%. You can become associate and promote Zazzle products without having your own blog by creating a Squidoo lens. Many designers use Squidoo to promote their designs.

Zazzle is a great way for freelance designers and other creative people to start making money online for free and without investment. You don’t need your own store or website because that is all provided to you for free. If you love designing than you should try making money with Zazzle of it’s alternative Cafepress.