How Can You Make Money Online With Revenue Sharing Websites

There are many people today who are making money online. It’s not only possible but there are many ways you can actually start making money online working  at home. There is a large number of people making a full time living with nothing more than a laptop connected to internet. People can use internet to monetize their passions, skills, knowledge and experience simply working at home and not  even having to leave their homes. Freelance designers can make money online working at home designing logos, book covers, flyers etc. Freelance writers can start making money online by writing articles, blog posts or essays for their clients.

If you are a freelance writer or if you maybe just like to write and start making money online there is a way to earn money even if you don’t have your own website or being hired by a client and write for him on per word or per article basis. You can do that with revenue sharing websites. Revenue sharing websites split their advertising revenue with their contributors. They earn money by placing ads from network like Google AdSense, Chitika, Amazon or other advertising  networks and give portion of their revenue to the members who contribute content. Because of this you will also need and account with all the ad networks that you  plan to use for making money online with the revenue sharing websites.

The contributors earn money when someone clicks on the ads that are displayed on the same page where there is the article or other content that was created by them displayed. The percentage that revenue sharing networks give to their contributor goes usually around  50% and more of the ad impressions. Let’s say the revenue sharing is 60/40. That mean that 60% of the time the ads that will be displayed on the page will be the contributors and 40% of the time ads will be from the website. And when visitor clicks on an ad either the contributor or the revenue sharing website earns money.

Revenue sharing websites are great way for freelance writers to start making money online for free. This way they can write about anything they want and earn a passive income over long period of time. If you are a writer, you will write an article which can be a review, a guide or anything else on any subject you like and submit it for review. If your article is approved it will be displayed on the site and will be making money for you for years as long as the content you created is still online. Although the earning may seem to be  much smaller compared to the earnings from freelance websites or from upfront payment writing freelance jobs, over a long time period you may actually make lot more than you would be making with upfront payment jobs.