Guide To Making Money Online On YouTube

Today probably  there is not  a single person on the face of the planet that hasn’t heard about YouTube. Youtube is the worlds greatest video sharing website.  There are millions of videos which user upload and share with their friends.  You can find just about anything on Youtube, music videos, animations, tutorials, movie trailers etc. Youtube is so popular that it’s the main place of entertainment for many people around the world.

YouTube also offer online money making opportunity for those who know how to do it. You can make money from the  videos that you posted on YouTube by Adsense advertising. When visitors view your videos  they will also see advertisements from Google Adsense network. When someone clicks on them you make certain amount of money. Your earning per click depends on many things but the average YouTube money earning based on views is is somewhere between $3 and $10 per 1000 views.

How to start making money on Youtube.

  1. Open an account.  It’s very simple, you cant start making money on YouTube is you don’t have an account. Opening an account is easy and all you need is an email address. If you have a Gmail account you can use your Gmail username and password for both Gmail and Youtube.

  2. Start creating videos and uploading them. Creating interesting or helpful videos are essential  in increasing the number of your subscribers. The videos must be something that is interesting to the people or helping people to solve some problems. You can make fun and interesting videos about your pets, list of your favorite movies or songs.  If you have knowledge and skills in something you can make a video to give some tips and guides to your subscribers. You can make video  tutorials about using a certain computer software such as Photoshop, a video about gardening with your  tips and trick, how to cook you favorite food  and anything else you know and  you think can help others.  Before you upload your videos on YouTube make sure the material is not copyright protected or against YoutTube terms or risk having them deleted and your account terminated.

  3. Start making money with your videos and YouTube.  To do this you will need at least one video to be uploaded and enabled for monetization. You can do this by checking the “monetize my video”  box on the monetization tab when you upload your video and choose the ad formats you wish to appear on your videos. To have ads appearing on your videos you need to have Adsense account associated with them. If you don’t have one already  you will be prompted to open one when you meet the conditions.

You Tube is a legitimate online money making opportunity and I can potentially be very lucrative. There are already you tube millionaires like Korean singer PSY or Jenna Marbles  who made millions from their  videos.  Maybe you wont become a millionaire yourself but the potential of great earning is there if you  have something interesting, fun or useful to share with the rest of the world.