How To Find Profitable Online Business Opportunities

Many people dream of not waking up every morning and traveling at work, instead they dream of work from home and making a living without leaving their house.  Making a living from the comfort of your home is possible only with hard work, determination and will to learn new things. If you are a person that wants to make money online working from home and not willing to invest hard work and time, than your dream in becoming your own boss and working in your own time is exactly that, only a dream.

There are many online money making opportunities those that are interested can tap into and start earning part time or full time income, but not all of them are equally profitable are well suited for everyone. Here are some money making ideas you can consider:

Sell used stuff online

Lots of people are making money online by reselling used stuff online. You can also earn some extra money online by selling things you no longer need and don’t use. Start buy cleaning your basement and attic, and latter when you get  more experience in selling online you can start visiting garage sales, buy used things and resell them online for profit.

Start by opening a free account on online auction websites like Ebay. Online auctions are places where you can find interested buyers for used items and where you can get best price for your things because of the bidding wars among interested buyers. To be successful in this online business will require experience. You must know what things are buyers are interested in and find them to resell on latter date. If you don’t know what things are selling you can end up losing money instead of making a money. If you intend start your Ebay business the best advice would be to start small and start listing only few items until you know all about listing them and selling them on Ebay and similar websites.

Sell someone else’s products for commission

Internet is great place to find customers for any product because millions of people use internet every day to find what they need. If you can connect the customers who want a certain product with the vendor or merchant who sells that product you can earn a commission. The amount of money you will make is usually a percentage of the sale price.  There are thousands of products you can sell online from all categories. Health and beauty products, fitness products, web hosting services, electronics, subscriptions etc. Selling someone else’s products for commission is called affiliate marketing.

To start making money online as affiliate marketer first you will need to join affiliate network. The are many affiliate networks you can join and find products you can promote, one of the best known being Amazon Associates where you can earn commission from sales made by people who you send to Amazon.

Once you find affiliate programs you want to promote the network will  give you your own affiliate link you can use to send visitors to merchants website. There are many ways to promote affiliate links.  You can place affiliate links on your website or blog, posting on forums, writing and publishing articles on article directories, using social media, PPC advertising networks etc.  How much money can you make with affiliate programs depends on your experience knowledge and hard work. Yo can learn a lot about affiliate marketing online from blogs and forums. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable and there are affiliate marketers that have made millions promoting affiliate programs.  To make lots of money find products that are of high demand and start promoting them using free and paid methods.

Online Freelance Jobs

Another legitimate online money making opportunity is working on freelance jobs.  To start making money online with feelance jobs is free and costs nothing, all you need to do is open an account for free on freelance websites like Odesk, Elance,, Peopleperhour etc.

After you open an account you can omplete your profile and list your skills and experience. After that you can start bidding on jobs posted by employers. Jobs posted by employers are divided in many categories for to make it easier to search like: writing, programing, web design, data entry, transcription, graphic design etc.

When you are just starting to work on online freelance jobs you will find it hard to get hired to work on high paying jobs because of the strong competition from other freelancers. However in time and with hard work you will establish your reputation and get good feedback from your clients. Good ratings from previous clients will contribute for you to be able to stand out from your competition and get hired to work on high paying jobs. There are many people that are making a living online working on freelance jobs.


If you want to start making money online you can also consider blogging. You can start your blog with very little cost and even for free if you wish to using free blogging platforms like Blogspot or DevHub. If you decide to start your blog to make extra money online you must remember that you will not see much earning in the begginng , if any at all. Your blog can become a passive stream of online income but you must invest lot of work in the begging creating content and promoting your blog until your blog start getting lots of visitors regularly. After that you can monetize your blog and receive regular paycheck  and invest only fairly little work in maintaining your blog.

You can monetize your blog with AdSense and receive payment every time a visitors clicks on an ad. You can also  join affiliate network and start promoting affiliate programs your audience is interested in. You can place affiliate banners and links on your blog and when your visitors click on them they go to the merchants website and purchase something you will be paid a commission. There are number of ways to make money with a blog, you can even sell your blog at a latter date if your blog is self hosted and owned by you. Keep in mind you can not sell your blog if you are using free bloging platform like Blogspot and others.

Flipping Websites

Buying and selling websites for profits is online business opportunity that can be very profitable. Think of it like buying and selling real estate the difference being you are selling virtual assets like websites and blogs. While in real estate the location determines the value of the property, the value of websites and blogs is determined by the traffic and number of visitors give website get on regular basis. If you website has lots of traffic and high PageRank you can expect to sell it for a very good price.

You can build your websites from scratch and resell them at a later time or you can buy existing websites from Flippa and improve them by adding more content and promoting them to get more visitors and later resel them for much higher price than you bought them for. There are cases when websites were bought for few hundred dollars and later resold for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

These are some of the ways to make money online. How profitable will they be for you and how much money will you earn depends mostly on you and your experience, knowledge and hard work. Thee are many people around the world making a full time living working from home and running their online business, will you be one of them can only be determined by  how much hard are you willing to work to make your dream come true.