Making Money Online Without Investment Using Teespring

Teespring is a crowdfunding platforms that groups, people, communities, and causes can raise funds or make money by designing and selling t-shirts.  Teespring is similar to Cafepress and other websites  where you can design custom merchandise and make money when your designs are sold, however there are certain differences. With Teespring your t-shirts will not be printed and shipped unless the number of orders meet a certain threshold. After the goal of campaign is  reached,  they will be printed and shipped to buyers and you will be paid.

If you have been trying to make money selling custom t-shirts you have certainly had problems. You have probably ordered shirts you could not sell. You could have ordered t-shirt that were sizes your customers did not want and as aresult ending with lots of shirts with designs and t-shirt sizes you could not sell. If you sold shirts you probably also had problems with customers that did not pay for the items you shipped them. You probably had many more problems when dealing with other websites where you can design and sell your custom merchandise.

Now, thanks to Teespring you can avoid many of these problems because Teespring does not ship to buyers before certain number of orders if filled. There are no upfront costs associated with it because  Teespring is a crowdfunding platform used by many organizations and causes to raise funds.

Teespring is available to everyone anywhere in the world as long as they can use Paypal for payments.need to design a t-shirt.

Step by step guide for making money with Teespring

Step 1. Launch your campaign and design your t-shirt. To start making money or raising funds for a cause of organization you selling t-shirts you will  To design your t-shirt/’s you can use online designer which is very easy to use.  There are many images in the library but you can also upload your own design in the form of .eps, jpg, pnf or gif files.

Step 2: Provide details for your design. You will need title, description and custom URL as well as set the length of the campaign. The length of the campaign is the number of days in which you must reach your goal of t-shirts sold. Your campaign can be from 3-21 days.

Step 3: Promote your design. To make sales you need to promote your t-shirt by referring people to your custom URL where they can order t-shirts. T-spring has t-shirts from many brands that have strong fair labor and social responsibility policies.

Step 4 : Get paid. Once your campaign has finished successfully you can receive you payments in your Paypal account. How much you will earn depends on the number of T-shirts you sold and your profit margin after costs associate with manufacturing and Teespring flat fee are deducted.  If you don’t meet the goal of your campaign you will not earn anything because t-shirts will not be printed and shipped to buyers, but you can always relaunch your campaign later.