How To Make Money Online With Cafepress

One of the ways creative people can start making money online is Cafepress.  Cafepress is a place where  people can buy user-customized merchandise. Cafepress has a list of millions of products such as calendars, mugs, bags, t-shirts, posters. If you are a creative person and want to make your own designs than opening your own Cafepress store maybe a good way for making money online.  For designers to make money they need to design their merchandise and sell them. There are also ways for webmasters and bloggers to start earning by selling merchandise from cafepress which was designed by others.

The first step to making money with Cafepress is to open an account. There are several types of accounts but for beginners the best is Basic account. Basic account has many limitations, like the number of products you can list for sale. If your shop is basic than you can list only one of each product item per store. But on the other hand there is no limit on the number of Basic stores you can open for free.  On the other hand having a premium store will cost you money but there are many benefits, like choosing a remade design for your storefront, greater number of products than the basic store more than one product item as well as grouping them into categories. Here are many options to pay for premium Cafepress store:  monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Cafepress allows the people who are creative and know how to make original designs or write catchy phrases to make some extra spending money. It’s not absolutely necessary to be professional designer, all you need is an original idea that buyers will find it interesting or amusing. However you don’t need to design anything  to start making money online with Cafepress. Website owners and bloggers can be making money by becoming Cafepress affiliates. Affiliates earn 15 % commission on sales generated by them. Affiliate have many tools available that they can use to drive traffic to cafepress marketplace: banners, product links, text links, category links.

How much money will you make from Cafepress depends on many things. Most people don’t make a lot of money but a $100 or $200 now and then can be nice sum of money to spend on something you like. There are cases of people making a full time income from Cafepress. How much you will be successful depends on how original your designs are and how well are you in promoting your store.