How To Start Making Money Online As A Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is writing done for someone else. Ghostwriters make money by writing articles, manuscripts, reports  and books for clients to publish under their own name. There are many income opportunities online for ghostwriters because there are many potential clients that need books or reports written for them that they give it for free to promote a product or sell it for profit, but they either don’t have a time or they don’t have necessary skills or both to do the writing work themselves. When you finish you work you get paid for it but the rights are completely owned by the client.

That’s where you as a ghostwriter step in and write the eBook or report for them to publish under their own name.  In order to complete the work, your clients may provide you with research and some material written by them you can use as a basis or all the research and writing you will have to do yourself. Ghostwriters are people that have better writing skills than their customers. Also it’s recommended that if you are interested in making money online this way you specialize on a single topic and hone your writing skills. Also skills in online research are important because you may find that all the research necessary for completing the work will need to be done by you.

How much to ghost writers get paid?

The amount of money the ghostwriters can get paid varies depending on several things like the number of words and if there is research to made by you. If all the research  is provided by the clients and all you will need to do is start writing than the amount can be lower compared for cases when you will have to do the research yourself. Ghostwriters are mostly paid  by page, for  word or a fixed amount for their work.

Where can you find ghostwriting jobs?

Craigslist is an online classifieds website. You can post your ad offering your services there for free.

Odesk - online freelance marketplace listing thousands of open projects from many categories including ghostwriting.

Elance,- is freelance jobs marketplace where many ghost witing jobs can be found

Freelancer- another freelancing website similar to elance and odesk

Guru   - has many freelance jobs listed, you can find ghostwriting jobs under Ghost Writing & Books category