5 Best Content Mills For Making Money Online

Content mills are great way for newbie freelance writers to start making money online by writing articles. To get started with their career they need to join for free and pick a title from a list that they want to write about. They can write as many articles they want but they must follow certain guidelines as well as optimize their article for keywords that will help them rank high in search engines.

There are a number of content mills freelance writers can join. They all have their  guidelines that must be followed and most of them accept but freelance writers who are just starting out as well as experienced professionals.  Some of the best are:

  1. TextBroker – is one of the best know content mills. There are thousands of orders every month posted from various topics. Writers can set their own price and receive payment through PayPal.

  2. iWriter – is another great site for freelance writers. iWriter welcomes new writers and writers get to keep 81% from the price that is charged. The earnings on iWriter depend on the type of the writer you are and the number of words in the article. There are three types of writers on iWriter: standard, premium and elite. The elite writers can earn $15+ dollars per article they write. iWriter sends payment through PayPal every week.

  3. CloudCrowd – is online writing service that has many writing, editing and reviewing tasks. Freelance writers can earn $20+  an hour working on CloudCrowd. To join is 100% free and you will need a Facebook account so you can download their application and start working and a PayPal account for receiving payments. To join both Facebook and PayPal is also completely free. There are many tasks on CloudCrowd but how many of them will be available to ou will depend on you credibility. New members start with credibility score of 30 and the maximum credibility is 100. If you complete tasks sucessfuly your credibility will increase and there will be more tasks for you to work on, and if you are not successful your credibility will be degraded and  many tasks will not be available to you.

  4. The Content Authority – or as it’s also called TCA is another good place where freelance writers can make money. There are many topisc to choose from and the pay rates go from $0.007 up to $0.03 per word depending on the writer’s tier. TCA pays through PayPal once you have earned at least $25.

  5. Writer’s Domain – has many topic to choose from. Pay is $3 for a article of 200 to 300 words, but if you have better ratings than you will be paid bonus. Writer’s domain accepts writers from USA, Canada and France. The writers will also be required to pass a grammar test  and they also need to submit 200 word writing sample.

They are only some of the content writing websites or content mills freelance writers can join and start making money online. The word of advice is to join as many of them and log in constantly to find the writing jobs you would like do.