Making Money Online With Textbroker

Internet today offers many opportunities for  freelance writers  to start making money online. Among them is writing articles for clients you can find on website called Textbroker. Textbroker is content mill where freelance writers can find many titles  posted by clients that they can choose from the ones they like to write. There are titles from many topics you can choose to write on.

How to start making money with Textbroker?

Joining Textbroker is free and you need good knowledge of English language and grammar to start earning. To join you must go to their page and register to become an author. When registering a new  author account you will need to fill in a form with your details and select al your areasof expertise. Make sure you read Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and you agree to them.

After you submit your application you will also need to submit a writing sample. You should put more effort into the writing sample because it is used by textbroker to assign a writer level  before new freelance writers start writing. The ratings can be a 2, 3, 4 star writer. The writer level is very important because it determines how much you will earn for every article that you write. If you rating is high 4 or 5 star you will get paid more than you would be if you are a 2 or 3 star writer. Because of this maintain a high writer level on Textbroker should be one of your main concerns.

After  your writing samples are reviewed by the staff at Textbroker you will be assigned a writer level and you can log in and browse the list of writing jobs available at Textbroker. There are thousands of new writing jobs posted every month by clients. The jobs are from various topics so there are freelance writing jobs available for everyone regardless of their area of expertise.  Your first five article will be reviewed by the staff at Textbroker and if your work meets certain quality standards you can write and submit as many article as you want. When you complete your articles and submit to clients for review you will be paid.

How much money can you earn working on Textbroker?

There are many things that determine how much a freelance writer can make working on projects posted on Textbroker. One of the things that is most important is your writer level.   If you are 3 star writer you will make more money than if you were a 2 star writer. And if you are a 4 or 5 star writer than you will be making  more money than if you are 3 star writer.  Another thing that determine how much you will be able to make is the number of words of the article you write. If article has more words you will be paid more. An article of 400 words is paid more than an article of 300 words and less than an article of 500 words.

Textbroker is content mill and a way for freelance writers to make money online for free and without investment. Freelance writers will not get rich working on Textbroker but they will be able to start making money online using their talent and doing something  they love.